Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 04 October 2014

Movie Title



Chetan Kumar

Star Cast

Dhruva Sarja, Radhika Pandit, P Ravi Shankar

The second release of the festival-weekend, 'Bahaddur', is sure to mint money at box office! Reason: Right ingredients with perfect garnishing! The Addhuri pair is sure to recreate the magic with Bahaddur. A simple love story, narrated in a straightforward style, with classic dialogues makes the movie worth watching.

The movie is about a happy-go-lucky rich boy Ashok Bahaddur (Dhruva Sarja), who is carefree and has no responsibilities. He has mammoth wealth to spend hence enjoys every moment of his life. One fine day, he accidentally meets Anjali (Radhika Pandit), a college girl, and immediately falls in love with her. The multi-talented Anjali, who is very good at studies, promises her father that she would not fall in love with any one and marry the guy of his choice. However after meeting Ashok, Anjali can?t just stop herself from falling in love with him. She forgets the promise and accepts his love.

After knowing about their love story, Anjali?s father not only objects it, but also restrains her from meeting Arjun. Arjun, with all his intelligence, is now on a mission to woo his future father-in-law and performs various tricks to impress him. Will Anjali?s father be impressed by Ashok? Will Anjali marry Ashok or ends up marrying her Dad?s choice? Or is there a better twist in tale? Well, you can get watch this on big screen.

Dhruva Sarja, who took two years to come back with second movie, will not disappoint the audience. Be it action or sentiment scene, he steals the show with his mannerisms. His dialogue delivery is also one of the highlights of the film. Radhika Pandit perfectly fits into the shoes of a college-going girl. The cute chemistry between Dhruva and Radhika keeps the audiences glued to their seats. Be it romancing or cat-fight or emotional scenes, the duos rock the screen with their chemistry. Acting of Ravi Shankar, Achyut Kumar and Srinivas Murthy needs a mention here, as they helm important roles in the flick.

Though the movie is an age-old love story, fast phased narration, Chetan?s direction, excellent dialogue delivery, keeps the audience on the edge of the seat. Chetan?s effort definitely deserves applause and appreciation. Sreesha Kuduvalli's cinematography does require a special mentioning, as the scenes are well captured and compliments the storyline aptly. V Harikrishna?s music is already a huge hit and the songs are widely liked by majority of audiences.

Sizzling chemistry of Addhuri pair, fast-phased dialogue delivery and excellent music makes the movie worth watching.

Verdict: Watchable

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