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Saturday 26 July 2014

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Srinagara Kitty, Meghana Sunder Raj, Bhavana Rao, Rakshit Shetty

Sandalwood has finally entered the experimental phase. Apart from the regular love-rowdy-ism and hero-centric movies, many directors and producers are now coming up with new and different concepts. Films like Lucia, 6-2=3 and Jatta are few to name. Bahuparak adds up to that list.

Bahuparak is a very unique attempt by Simple Aag Ond Love Story fame Suni, who has done justice to the movie and the roles. Kitty is the heart and soul of the movie! His performance as three different characters is simply stunning.

Kitty plays three different roles in the movie. He connects with the audience of all the age groups as he plays the role of three different characters from different age groups. The first one is Manas, a youth who is caught between friendship and love.

In the second, he plays Mani, an aspiring youth who unwittingly becomes a don. In the third, he essays the role of Mouni, a politician who gives up his good self for political gains. Kitty does justice to all the roles. But he looks his best and inspiring as a politician.

Meghana plays Kitty?s love interest in the film. She plays dual roles- Sneha and Preethi with Kitty. Kitty who falls in the love of Meghana changes completely because of the thirst for power. It takes him away from his love life and he heads to the wrong ways.

In the first half of the movie, story of all the three characters moves simultaneously. Surprisingly director does not get lost in the story in the first half. Though he seems to have gotten off from the track in the second half!

Suni has woven the narration keeping all the spice and cinematic suspense as well as commercial elements. Each of the three tracks has different characters except for Kitty. Throughout the film audience are confused whether it is three different people or if all these incidents are happening in the life of a single person! Suni does not address this question till the very end

Though the movie shows three different angles and deals with many issues, the triangular love story is the best part of the film! Bhavana Rao, who plays a prostitute in the film, also has an item number. Rakshit Shetty, who has a cameo, does justice to his role.

This is Kitty?s 25th film and he carries out all the characters with ease! Meghana is sure to get more offers in Sandalwood. She has done a good job as both Sneha and Preethi. Music is the highlight of the film which does not sound boring or irrelevant and blends well with the narration.

Bharath BJ has done a good job. Kitty?s power-packed acting, Suni?s direction is sure to attract large number of people!

Verdict: Good

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