"Balika Vadhu" star Shashank Vyas pens poem on migrant labourers' plight

Source : IANS
Author : IANS
Last Updated: Thu, May 21st, 2020, 20:09:03hrs

Mumbai, May 21 (IANS) "Balika Vadhu" star Shashank Vyas has written a poem on the plight of migrant labourers.

Shashank shared the poem titled "Bas chal raha hai" on Instagram.

The video features images of the migrant labourers with a voiceover by the actor.

Talking about his emotion behind the poem, the actor said: "I felt for them. In my AC room having all the luxuries around, I was thinking in the same house, in one room, one has all the luxuries, but in the another room, one has nothing, not even food or water. Looking at the labourers like that, I was in pain. India is our home, we all are part of a big family and we just left that one big sector on the road to walk."

"I am questioning humanity. I saw pictures of a son carrying his mom, pregnant women, kids. How can we all just sit at home do nothing about it? I was feeling so helpless that I penned down my feelings. The basic question is ‘Why they are on roads?', and even after coming on roads why no transportation has been provided to them. What will those kids learn from this? Lack of humanity. I feel those labourers should be taken under confidence by telling them they don't need to panic, secondly, basic groceries should be provided to them," he added.