Balle Vellaiyathevaa review-Below Average

One of weakest film in Sasikumar's career


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 23 December 2016

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Balle Vellaiyathevaa review-Below Average


Solai Prakash

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Solai Prakash

Sasikumar's films are known for the authentic portrayal of friendship and family bonding set in rural areas.

Balle Vellaiyathevaa also followed the same route but this time, things are told on a much lighter note rather unconvincingly. Unfortunately, director Solai Prakash's comic treatment does not suit Sasikumar as we all have seen him in serious characters and moreover the script is sloppy and lacks depth.

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Shakti (Sasikumar) moves into a small village called Vayalur, where his postmaster mom (Rohini) gets transfered. In the new place, Shakti befriends elderly couple, Selfie Kathayi (Kovai Sarala) and Kanakku (Sangili Murugan).

Meanwhile, Shakti earns the wrath of local politicians that cops file an FIR against him and his government job dream gets shattered. How Shakti leads rest of his life forms the crux of the story.

The major problem with Balle Vellaiyathevaa is that nothing really works in the favor of the film. We are unable to invest with any of the characters, which is a complete letdown. Despite the short running time (116 minutes), the film appears lengthy due to the shoddy screenplay and half baked characters.

Sasikumar is adequate for the tailor made role given to him. The makers promoted that Kovai Sarala plays a solid character but sadly she has nothing much to do here. Newcomer Tanya sleepwalks throughout the film and Rohini is just okay.

The one unique element about the film is the director has registered how latest technologies have been penetrated into small villages but apart from this, Balle Vellaiyathevaa is easily one of weakest film in Sasikumar's career.

Darbuka Siva, who grabbed our attention with his exemplary work in Kidaari fails to impress but Ravindranath Guru's cinematography is a big plus. The bottom line is Balle Vellaiyathevaa can be appreciated only by reading the title again and again but definitely, not after watching the film.

Balle Vellaiyathevaa review-Verdict : Below Average

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