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Saturday 20 May 2006

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Pawan Kalyan, Meera Chopra, Ashutosh Rana, Reema Sen, Trisha

Anybody who watches Bangaram will feel annoyed at this over-hyped, crashing bore of a film. We wonder why Dharani took two years to make this ghastly film.

There is no story or any redeeming factor as it is roughly constructed and haphazardly shot burdened with tedious scenes full of blood and gore, a 12-year-old girl being harassed, a she-devil who is a head-banger of violence, abuses and unchecked anger and every 15 minutes there is a fight scene in which people fly around with all the characters screaming and screeching. Who will endure this travesty for nearly three hours?

AXN Action Awards Bangaram (Pawan) is a TV anchor who wants to make it big as a BBC anchor. The film begins with Bangaram trying to get an exclusive interview from a terrorist chap, but in the melee he loses the video tape and is fired from his job. The chairman of the channel is Peddi Reddy (Mukesh Rishi) and he asks him to intervene as he goes with him to his village in Kurnool where Bangaram meets his daughters Sandhya (Meera Chopra) and Vindhya (Sanusha). It is a faction ridden village where Bhoomi Reddy (Ashutosh Rana) calls the shots. Soon Bangaram is embroiled in local issues including conducting the local temple festival and also trying to help Sandhya marry her lover (Raja). And the rest of the film is how Bangaram does the impossible by taking on the Reddy gang.

The story is totally confusing and bewildered. Bangaram is never shown working as a television programmer and instead he is projected as a do-gooder, one-man fighting machine saying dumb things like-?Bangaram BBC range?? etc. There is no romantic track for the hero. And why the hell was Reema Sen roped in to do that silly role of a journalist who is crazy about the hero? Her character is a carbon copy of what she did in Dharani?s Tamil film Dhool including the introductory scene! And as a surprise element Trisha appears by giving her hand to our hero in the end so that the audience can heave a sigh of relief that he has finally got a girl!

Technically Bangaram is shoddy. The village in Kurnool is full of ?rising sun? and ?two leaf? symbols of DMK and AIADMK of Tamilnadu in the background while the characters speak Telugu! The technical values right from Gopinath?s camera to editing and sets are all below average. And why was so many graphics in the first Jai Shambo? song? Vidyasagar has proved once again that he just cannot deliver the goods in Telugu as songs are unimpressive and the re-recording is jarring.

Still curious about the performances? Pawan Kalyan seems to have lost interest in the project half way through, as he sleep walks and his fans are just not going to be happy. Meera Chopra and Reema Sen passes muster, while Sanusha is good. The comedy track of Ali-Shakeela-Venu Madhav is irritating while Ashutosh Rana is impressive. The best scene in the film is when the villain bury Pawan Kalyan with only his head visible (a la Franko Nero) a herd of cows stomp in. On the whole, there is neither sense nor style in this helter-skelter endeavour.

Bangaram touted to be pure 24-carat gold is nothing but roll-gold.

Verdict: Avoidable

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