Banking Hours 10-4

Banking Hours 10-4


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 06 October 2012

Movie Title

Banking Hours 10-4


K Madhu

Star Cast

Anoop Menon, Meghna Raj

Director K Madhu's Banking Hours 10-4 is a thriller, which narrates an eventful day inside a 'new generation' bank.

The whole drama is happening inside a bank and right from early morning. A father and daughter who are there to settle some urgent issues, the girl's lover and her friends, a woman who is there for a gold loan, a tense dad waiting to withdraw the money to pay the ransom for getting his daughter back from the kidnappers, a group of young techies who are there for a car loan, a priest, a doctor and the bank staff are all there inside by then.

A gang of youngsters is there to rob the bank as well and soon comes a playboy, who is leaving for Australia at noon, on the same day. The rather limited area looks thoroughly crowded with so many people inside.

Then, something unprecedented happens and enters a group of cops to unveil the mystery behind the crime.

If you are familiar with the kind of films made by director K Madhu, especially in his CBI Diarykurippu series, there is always a mandatory sequence towards the end where almost every character from the film will line up and the culprits get nabbed from the group after some exciting rewind of events. Perhaps this story is an extended version of that portion.

In all fairness, if you are not too keen to research on the loopholes and inadequacies in a plot, this film could turn up as a decent entertainer. At less than two hours, the film is briskly paced and the suspense is maintained till the last moment, which needs to be appreciated.

The scenarist duo of Sumesh and Amal fumbles at times with the dialogues, especially in the first half with clich?d lines, too many characters and silly looking situations. But it is to their credit that they manage to bind it all together into a convincing format.

The problem starts when you start thinking about the logics and we can't discuss it much as it would spoil all the fun for the future viewers. But in a bank where there is high security and an officer just to monitor the CCTV footages, it is quite silly that some armed criminals move around quite freely. But then, all these are bound to happen when you are narrating a thriller within such a limited space.

Among the actors, it is Anoop Menon who stands apart with his superb presentation and style. The rest of the cast has done their roles in a fine way.

Banking Hours 10-4 may leave the discerning viewers with many doubts but could well be an entertaining one, if you don't dig too deep or go without much expectation. Now decide on which side you belong!

Verdict: Watchable

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