Bayam Ariyan

Bayam Ariyan


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Movie Title

Bayam Ariyan



Star Cast

Kishore, Udayathara, Magesh Raja, Devkripa, Ponnambulam, Saranya

This is clearly a film with a message which has been brought on screen several times before. Violence begets violence. Those who live by the sword shall die by it. We?re sure you get the drift! The angle here is how bad cops can exploit jobless youth enticing them into a life of crime which ultimately leads to a one way ticket to hell.

In brief, the story is about a cop Mithran ( Kishore) who makes money on the side by hiring jobless youth in the area. Vinoth ( Magesh Kumar) is one such young man who along with his cronies indulges in criminal activities like extortion and rowdyism to fill the coffers of the bad cop Mithran.

Vinoth is merciless even to his mother ( Saranya) whom he kicks, ill treats, cheats and robs only to visit brothels and drink. In one of his rowdy activities he ends up killing the very mother who loves him in a freak accident. But it?s not until the very end when the world is out to get him that he realizes the extent of his misdeeds and her love for him.

In the meanwhile, Nivedha ( Udayatara) is a college girl who he falls for and surprisingly though he is a lout and up to no good, the girl slowly falls for him too! Mithran in the meanwhile breaks up Vinoth?s gang and gets them to outwit each other in order to make more money, an effort which backfires on him. His boss the commissioner suspects his nefarious activities and threatens to fire him.

In order to protect his interests he tells the boys to kill the commissioner but the attempt is unsuccessful since Vinoth has been left out of the plan by his jealous friend Palan. Mithran is angry but to protect himself, he gives the criminal shelter in his house for a night. But his beloved wife ( Devkripa) is molested by this very youth that he seeks to protect.

This angers Mithran and he not only kills the boy breaking his mouth, blinding his eyes and injuring other vital parts, but now also wants to eradicate all the criminal youth he had set up in the first place. Vinoth is now his target and the final climax scene consists of the fight between the two. Who will win in this deadly game?

The mother sentiment is aplenty though in some way the director is perhaps trying to suggest that too much of love can be a bad thing, when the mother gives money to her no good son, blinded by her love for him. Why doesn?t she find out what he is up to is a question that remains unanswered. The music is apt for the scenes and the amma song near the end portrays the sentiments quite aptly.

On the downside, the film consists of a lot of vulgar and suggestive dialogues between the youth who hang out on streets and lust after women. Brothel scenes are aplenty. There is even one scene of male nudity during a song, the need for which remains a mystery! The love scenes in the graveyard, the tongue touching scenes between the lead pair, the suggestive camera moves and dialogues on the rear end of the heroine who doesn?t even know what her lover does for a living and who falls for him despite knowing he drinks, smokes and frequents brothels, all leave a sour taste and a question mark. There is a good dose of raw violence as well.

The hero Magesh remains wooden mostly through the film and the blue eye color looks bizarre to say the least. Udayathara does what is required. Kishore seems wasted in this role.The film has skimmed over several issues and there is nothing really gripping to make you sit through.

Verdict: Avoid

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