Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 01 November 2014

Movie Title



Mussanje Mahesh

Star Cast

Dr Shivarajkumar, Kriti Karbandha, Venkatesh Prasad

Disclaimer: In case if you experience ?Dejavu? in theatres, do not blame us that we did not warn you!

Actor Shivarajkumar, who is known for original movies, has suffered debacles in the last few years, owing to the lack of quality or uniqueness in the films. The actor, who is known for his reckless image, has not succeeded of late, when he tried to experiment with his image. The ?machete trend? which started from Om, has continued its legacy for years and looks like Belli will carry it further.

Sandalwood King is now back in his mass avatar with his latest film Belli. The story line is extremely predictable and the movie offers nothing new! A villager, Basavaraj alias Belli, is an innocent man, who along with his four friends, comes to Bangalore to make their livelihood. Belli has now unknowingly landed in underworld and is unable to come out of it even if he wants. His friends also get allegedly involved in all the criminal activities Belli does. Meanwhile he also manages to fall in love with Sneha (Kriti Kharbanda) but suffers heartbreak as she rejects him because of the field he has chosen. Depression followed by heartbreak lands Basavaraj aka Belli in a ?loss of mental stability? state. Entry- Shivrajkumar part 2 with shaved head. What happens after he loses his memory forms the rest of the story.

The movie lacks originality and looks more like a compilation of all Shivarajkumar films. Shivarajkumar?s mentally sick look seems to be inspired by Sudeep?s Huccha looks. Overall the movie is quiet disappointing as it offers nothing new to the audiences, especially to hardcore Shivarajkumar fans. Kriti Kharbanda?s role should have been more elongated. Though the actress has managed to perform well, she does not have any scope in the film as Shivarajkumar steals the show. The actor is tailor made for such roles and performs it with ease. Actors Venkatesh Prasad, Vinod Prabhakar, Prashanth, Deepak have done a good job too. They deserved better role than just standing behind the protagonist while he delivers some punches and punch dialogues.

Mussanje Mahesh?s direction is pretty disappointing, unexpectedly. Action scenes are supposed to be the highlight of the film but they lack perfection. The first duet song in the film appears almost after an hour. Music too is just about average and none of the tunes are catchy. Most of these movies will have an item song, a peppy number, which is usually targeted at the front-bench audience. Belli misses this pulse too! The movie is just a onetime watch and if you are not a Shivarajkumar fan, you can skip this too!

Verdict: Average

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