Bhaagamathie review: Film belongs to Anushka Shetty

A formulaic masala entertainer with predictable twists and turns

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 26 January 2018

Movie Title

Bhaagamathie review: Film belongs to Anushka Shetty



Star Cast

Anushka, Unni Mukundhan, Asha Sharath, Jayaram

The makers of Anushka Shetty's Bhaagamathie projected the film as a horror thriller but what director Ashok has given us is a formulaic masala entertainer with predictable twists and turns.

IAS officer Sanchala (Anushka) is in prison for murdering Shakti (Unni Mukundhan), a do-gooder in the society. Meanwhile, Central Government decides to tarnish the reputation of politician Eshwar Prasad (Jayaram), who has a clean image among the general public so they appoint a CBI officer Vaishnavi Reddy (Asha Sharath) to investigate Udhay Kumar’s long time secretary Sanchala. Cops move Sanchala from the prison to the widely believed Bhaagamathie ghost bungalow, where they experience paranormal activities...

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The film belongs to Anushka Shetty, she carries the film on her shoulders. In the first half we witness traces of Arundthathi but the second half is filled with twists and turns of our heroic films, there is in fact, a transformation scene to reveal the true face of Anushka! Unni Mukundhan has done his part well while Asha and Jayaram are just adequate.

The horror sequences didn't work much as the director only repeated the familiar situations to scare us but the contemporary political sequences work out reasonably well.

Thaman's stunning background score provides the necessary thrill factor and Madhie's visuals are stunning, especially in the bungalow portions.

To conclude, Anushka Shetty's Bhaagamathie is an average thriller, which is watchable for the stunning performance of the actress.

Bhaagamathie review - Verdict : Watchable for Anushka's performance

Reactions from Social Media:
Jalapathy Gudelli @JalapathyG

#Bhaagamathie A revenge drama with good output from technicians (terrific BG score by Thaman and production design). Anushka shows her mark in some scenes. Malayalam actor Jayaram shines in the key role. Loopholes are aplenty, though.

Winter @superrbowl
#Bhaagamathie terrific 1st half...excellent interval bang and extraordinary BGM by thaman

sangeetha devi @Sangeetha_Devi
#Bhaagamathie is fun, well-constructed conceit. Gets better and better as it progresses. Everything isn't what it seems. And Anushka is so good.

Hemanth Kumar C R‏ @crhemanth
#Anushka is so damn good in #Bhaagamathie ....the film also brings quite an interesting twist to the horror-thriller genre...kudos to director

Madhu Kiran @madhu1906
Just finished watching #Bhaagamathie premier in USA..well made film with good story & screenplay.. @Anushka_ASF rocked n lived up to expectations.. but main hero of movie is @MusicThaman ..killed it with his BG score. Terrific.. congrats

Rebel Star @Iam__praneeth
Extraordinary interval
Senseless goosebumps. Anushka performance peakssss
Superb first half #Bhaagamathie

Maruthi Dasari @DirectorMaruthi
Watched a fantastic screen play film #Bhaagamathie, thought it's another horror film but brillaint twists & turns made me surprised. #Anushka garu U R THE BEST. Congratulations @UV_Creations Dir Ashok BGM hero @MusicThaman & everybody in the team for the Solid Hit

RAMU GUMMADI @Ramugummadi1

Rebel Star @Iam__praneeth
Anushka ki other heroines ki diff #Bhaagamathie interval bang lo thelustadi
What a performer

BESE RAMU @Ramu_Bese
#Bhaagamathie Tremendous performance by Anushka.. excellent bgm.. Movie awesome

Surendhar MK @SurendharMK
#Bhaagamathie is a fairly engaging thriller with adequate twists (been-there-seen-that feeling for Tamil audiences likely), especially in the second half. With #AnushkaShetty in the driver seat, the other supporting cast have contributed well too.

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