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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 17 May 2009

Movie Title



Prasanth Mambully

Star Cast

Mohanlal, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy

It took only some ten hours or so to make Bhagawan which is definitely aimed at creating a record of some kind. But it takes only ten seconds into its title song to realize what a mishap this misadventure will turn out to be!

Of all the things, the only one factor surprising about it would be the audacity of its makers to release it for public viewing. The film's screenplay is juvenile to the point of being plain stupid and it?s easily one of the worst films you're likely to see this year.

No two ways about it, the only record that this buffoonery creates will be for being one of the worst films to have happened in Malayalam film history. That, if this silly ninety minutes plus collage of senselessly made shots qualifies enough to be called a feature film. There may be some good things about any film, however bad it has been made, but it lacks any and is just an absurd act that makes a complete fool of the viewers.

The film has been made on a ridiculous premise, beginning with a terrorist attack on a hospital. Dr.Balagopal (Mohanlal), the gynecologist there, takes on the baddies. It is hard to explain how puerile and unimaginative the sequences, the dialogues, the music, the visuals, the stunts and the performances are! Frankly, this film is just not worthy of a review, because that will require more efforts than it has gone into its making.

It is evident that after the shooting, the director never got even a quarter of the scenes right and still ventured out to make a cut and paste version at the editing table. The result is that we see the same scenes being used again and again, with a cooked up storyline which lacks any sense.

It is quite a mystery on how Mohanlal agreed to be a part of this film? The versatile actor looks totally out of place and the less said the better about the rest of the cast who are equally clueless about what is happening.

It?s a particularly annoying film because the plot and presentation is amateurish and practically impossible to digest with no logic or even continuity. When you come out after watching the film, you'll feel like you've escaped from prison.

Verdict: Avoid!

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