Bhairava Geetha review: A shallow tale of forbidden love

Too routine and formulaic

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

Bhairava Geetha review: A shallow tale of forbidden love


Siddhartha Thatholu

Star Cast

Dhananjaya, Irra Mor

In the 1990s in Rayalaseema, a landlord's daughter Geetha (Irra) falls for her father's henchman Bhairava (Dhananjaya). Attraction leads to love. As the passion between them grows, the landlord orders to kill Bhairava as he loathes the idea of his daughter falling for his low-caste servant. What happens next?

On the surface, Bhairava Geetha seems a tale of forbidden love between a feudal lord's daughter and their servant. It also talks about casteism, suppression, and inequality. However, it doesn't go deeper; all elements are touched in a shallow manner. It stresses more on the old and clichéd line: two lovers running away from the girl's father and fighting to save their love.

The film has an interesting initial portion. The backdrop of how a family has been slaves to Subbareddy, a faction leader in 90's Rayalaseema and the inequality in the region is told in a documentary style.

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This story soon paves the way to the lusty love episodes. The supposed love between Geetha (Irra Mor) and Bhairava (Dhananjaya) turns out to be lust and it also gives us the impression that it is another version of recent blockbuster RX100, which was also directed by Ram Gopal Varma's former associate Ajay Bhupathi.

After some kissing scenes and passionate songs, the film turns into a bloodbath. Gore and violence and all the mindless action episodes go on and on.

Like the clichéd storyline, the narration soon tapers into formulaic and it never rises above the ordinary.

Kannada actor Dhananjaya is well-suited to the role. He has maintained one-note expression mostly, though. Irra Mor is okay. She provides some glam show. The actor who played the role of Subbareddy is convincing.

Technicians like cinematographer (excellent) and music director (just okay) have put in best efforts than the writers. The screenplay written by RGV and his voice-over dialogue are passé.

New director Siddharth hardly impresses with his debut.

A tale of passion between a landlord's daughter and a servant has full of violence, bloodshed, and a lot of kisses. What it doesn't have is gripping narration. Too routine and formulaic!

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