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Saturday 14 December 2013

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Shivaraj Kumar, Aindrita Ray, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash

Director Harsha has proved it yet gain. He has mastered the art of directing action films in his own way. He started of with 'Geleya', continued the legacy with 'Birugaali' and carved a better film with 'Chingaari' and now he?s mastered the art with 'Bhajarangi'.

An action packed film, ?Bhajarangi? is sure to appeal to audiences. It impresses with an exceptional storyline. The high budget lavish film has striked the audience in a perfect way and is a visual treat to the fans of the Century star.

Though the black magic concept seems to be a little old and overused, the picturization and portraying of the same appears quite different. This is where the story stands out of the crowd. The film has two stories in parallel and two different locations. Bhajarangi (Shivaraj Kumar) is a tribal in a remote village in North Karnataka who battles with the evil of the society for the sake of common man and Jeeva (again played by Shivaraj kumar) is a common man in the city who is righteous and equally fights for his rights.

Everytime Jeeva gets a job, he ends up with a problem and leaves the job. A stranger predicts that his past has volumes to speak and that his future is to accomplish a major task. This leads Jeevan to go in search of his past and he ends up at the village dawned by black magic and he meets his lady love Aindrita Ray who has also reached the same village to shoot a documentary. What happens then and how he accomplishes the task he is born for, forms the rest of the story.

Shivaraj Kumar has proved to be the best in his 105th talent has got its right hit. He has played dual roles in this movie after a long time and excels in both the characters. The class and the mass acting by Shivaraj kumar impresses the audience in no time. Aindrita Ray as a mass communication student has given her best performance and the chemistry between the lead pairs is something to watch out for.

Comedy by Sadhu Kokila and Bullet Prakash adds to the integrity of the story and upholds the story. Introduction song which has some of the leading stars of the industry dancing to the tunes composed by Arjun Janya gains whistles and claps in no time. Songs by Arjun Janya highlights the music and the picturisation of songs have been captured beautifully in the camera handled by Jai Anand. Harsha has definitely made his mark as a director and he is here to stay for a very long time.

Verdict: Must watch

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