Bharathiraja: Muralidharan is a traitor, So Vijay Sethupathi should opt-out of the biopic!

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Thu, Oct 15th, 2020, 13:05:57hrs
Muthiah Muralidharan.

Tamil activists and a section of the film industry are pressurizing Vijay Sethupathi to opt-out of the biopic of Sri Lankan cricketer Muthiah Muralidharan. After lyricist Thamarai, now veteran director Bharathiraja has also requested Sethupathi to look at the possibilities to walk out of the film.

"It's not easy to earn the love of the general public. Your realistic speech is one of the major reasons behind the love and I wish you to get more fame in your journey. Recently, came to know that you have agreed to play the lead in the biopic of Sri Lankan cricketer Muralidharan. When our Eelam Tamils died in the battlefield, Muralidharan played the fiddle. He supported the local racist Government. Though he achieved a lot of things, his achievements are nothing as he laughed when his race was murdered and defeated. Muralidharan is a traitor. A lot of Eelam Tamils are asking me the reason behind Vijay Sethupathi's presence in the cricketer's biopic. If possible, you should opt-out of the biopic. The Tamil community will be forever thankful to you", said Bharathiraja.

The veteran director also said that the statement of DAR Motion Pictures wasn't convincing. "We don't know whether to spill our anger on you or to feel sad for your ignorance. If you want to give jobs to Eelam Tamils, make a film on Dileepan and a lot of brave soldiers. The entire Tamil film industry and Tamils will work for free", said the director.