Big Brother Review: A disappointing Mohanlal film!

Big Brother review: A disappointing Mohanlal film!

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Movie Title

Big Brother Review: A disappointing Mohanlal film!



Star Cast

Mohanlal, Mirna Menon, Anoop Menon, Sarjano Khalid

Director Siddique and Mohanlal have teamed up that classic Vietnam Colony and a lukewarm Ladies and Gentleman. Now, they are back with Big Brother, an action thriller that falls flat.

Sachidanandan aka Sachy (Mohanlal) has served jail sentence for 24 years after being involved in two murders, both while trying to save others from evil men during tense situations. 

The jail authorities have been refusing Sachy’s release even years after his term of sentence is over. It is after the continuous efforts of Sachy’s younger brother Manu (Sarjano Khalid) that the big brother is released from prison. 

Even after reaching home, Sachy finds it odd to adjust with the environment, as the long years in jail has affected him so much. He attends the marriage of his other brother, Vishnu (Anoop Menon), where he finds it difficult to face people. 

When Vishnu’s wife Vandana (Honey Rose) narrates an incident involving Sachy, the story takes a new turn. A cop named Vendantham IPS (Arbaaz Khan) wants to help him bust the drugs mafia but he denies to be part of that team. 

Soon after a moneybags named Shetty (Sidhique) becomes part of the narrative and his daughter Arya (Mirnaa Menon) is attracted to Sachy.

Siddique, who is best known for some popular comedies from the past, is narrating a thriller with quite a number of twists and turns. Here, comedy is less and the focus is mainly on thrills, emotions and drama. 

But the storyline tends to be pretty weak and the moments that have been presented with the purpose to thrill are mostly predictable. At almost 164 minutes this one is way too long.

Though it is a role that barely challenges his genius, Mohanlal looks bloated and he tries really hard to make the going convincing. Mirnaa Menon has nothing much to do while Sarjaano Khalid hams it up in a big way. 

In all fairness there are story elements in Big Brother that is nice but this one has been narrated in an old fashioned style and the surprises seem meek.  

Big Brother Review: Disappointing

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