Bigg Boss 2: It's Mumtaz vs. the rest

Last Updated: Tue, Jun 19, 2018 18:52 hrs

The battle lines are drawn. Within a matter of hours, Bigg Boss Season 2 contestants arrived at conclusions and formed impressions. Right now, the forces are aligning against Mumtaz. Nithya and Vaishnavi are close on her heels in the unpopular list.

It all came to light when Bigg Boss summoned contestants to the confession room and asked them to name two individuals to be voted out. Mumtaz’s name popped up frequently as most feel she’s curt and domineering. At the end of Episode 2, Mumtaz was left standing with Ananth Vaidyanathan and Nithya. No one had anything bad to say about the popular Voice Coach except that he’s a bit aloof and yet to make an effort to mingle. But, hey! The man just got here. Cut him some slack, please. When it came to Nithya, there were a variety of criticisms ranging from being lazy to unhygienic.

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Other contestants who didn’t make the cut but came in for some firing were Vaishnavi and Riythwika. Issues concerning the former is that she’s too ‘aggressive’. The latter, most feel isn’t making an effort to strike up a rapport. A few stray mentions of Mahat, Ponnambalam, Mamathi and Ramya were also aired. The men were critiqued for not helping with the work load while these two women in particular drew flak for their anglicised behaviour.

But it is Mumtaz who has the going tough. When she along with Mahat and Janani campaigned for votes in the race to be the first Captain of the house, she barely had any support. Of the 15 contestants, one person voted for her. And that speaks volumes. That she sulks and sits alone doesn’t help her situation much.

Apart from the revelations of fellow contestants as to why they don’t want to her in the house, we think Mumtaz is also going to be shown that instance when Sendrayan sang Katti Pudi Katti Pudi Da. We know the kind of ruckus that track can cause in the Bigg Boss house. Flashback to Season 1 when Suja was up in arms over Vaiyapuri crooning that tune to her entry. Back to Mumtaz - will she just brush it off as adulation? Or, is she going to be shooting daggers when she’s shown Sendrayan gyrating to Malai Malai? Yes, these are her tracks and ones that shot her to fame. But in this closed environment we wonder how she’s going to react.

Our current favourites, Yashika and Danny, didn’t get picked by anyone. That’s probably because these two just go about their day with a big smile even when they are stuck with a mop and a bucket to clean up after everybody.

We, the audience, know that there is no elimination this week. And we’re pretty sure that everyone in the house is going to be shown what everyone else had to say about them. Then, when no one leaves and they have to face the person they want booted out, is when sides will be picked and the drama begins.