Bigg Boss 2: Things unravel over an Onion!

Last Updated: Fri, Jun 22, 2018 11:54 hrs

Image Courtesy: Bigg Boss Tamil #BiggBossTamil2 @BiggBossTamil1

Over the past two days tensions have been simmering. Especially with regard to Aishwarya and Yashika. The two are unhappy that fellow contestants are constantly picking on them and mocking them for their accent and struggles with the Tamil language. But they are making a genuine effort to speak it. So shame on those for making these two optimistic young ladies feel this way.

But on closer look it’s not just Yashika and Aishwarya who are at the receiving end of this condescension and scrutiny. The men of the house, nearly all of them, treat most of the women - be it seniors Mumtaz or the youngins - with derision. This show hasn’t even breached past skin-deep but the contempt they have for a woman who has been in the industry for twenty years or one, is the same and has taken over the conversation at every turn. Here’s hoping Kamal gives them a talking to.

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Now, for the ‘Onion’. Things spiralled out of control at the kitchen counter and by the cutting board. Chopped onions were discriminated against and lay unwanted all because it came handy as a metaphor. So, this is how it began - Bhalaji after a heartfelt narration of his married-life troubles ambled over to the kitchen where estranged wife Nithya was preparing lunch. He suggested she add onions to the carrot poriyal to add flavour and volume. Nithya stood mum. Mumtaz urged her to respond to the request. Soon, Mahat joined in saying onions pair great with carrots. This, Nithya took in earnest to be Bhalaji’s way of suggesting they get back together. When in reality it was nothing of the sort. Things got ugly when Nithya failed to recognise the tone of fun in Mumtaz and Mahat’s first entreaties. She put her foot down and said ‘no’ to the onions. This caused great alarm and furore in the house. Would there be enough carrot for everybody? Mumtaz and Mahat’s further pleas to add the onions fell on deaf ears. Persuading Nithya with reason that some folks would be left wanting, failed to budge her. This drama of 30 minutes or so brought tears to our eyes. We think it was the onions reaching out to us. We empathise with this layered bulb that people love to hate. Faultless, they lay ignored just like us viewers.

This inane ruckus over a dish and vegetable was taken too far. For after the hotly debated poriyal had been digested, Nithya summoned the housemates and hashed it out with her team. She seems to feel a little excluded and clueless. Mumtaz and Mahat made their case stating there was no such action nor intention from their end.

Much later, after the dining table war-of-words had died down, Mumtaz took Mamathi, Vaishnavi and Ananth Vaidyanathan into confidence. Mumtaz feels that the heated exchange was orchestrated by Captain Janani. Apparently, Mumtaz had remarked loudly not to make eggs at lunch while Nithya was frying an omelette for the House Captain. This, Mumtaz feels, Janani has taken personally. So, while Onions seemed like the culprit it is in fact the dreaded Egg that tore many apart in Season 1 that makes a re-entry on the show as the villain.

Meanwhile, the word ‘trigger’ resurfaced. Vaishnavi, helpfully brought the word back into the Bigg Boss fold by using it aptly in the context of the Nithya-Onions-Bhalaji controversy. But who will be this Season’s ‘Trigger Shakti’? Will it be the voiceless groceries or, the people who vie for them?