Bigg Boss Tamil: Aishwarya's cruel Dictatorship

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 01, 2018 17:48 hrs
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Things got rough on last night’s episode. It all started on Sunday. When new Captain Aishwarya was busy bossing around the kitchen team, Bhalajie retorted with “are you a Captain or Hitler?” Now Bigg Boss took note of it and made the Rule of Dictatorship this week’s Task.

Aishwarya and her team (personal guard Danny and advisor Janani) lost no time in noting down dissenting members of the Bigg Boss House, thanks to a spy camera relaying live conversation. Punishment was due (as per Bigg Boss’ instructions). However, Aishwarya went one step ahead and humiliated the contestants. And it was Bhalajie who felt her unbridled wrath.

Yes, Bhalajie did talk when Aishwarya wasn’t present. It’s nothing she didn’t know already. And he didn’t say anything that was half as bad as the previous things he allegedly said.

Yes, Shariq did say he would break the statue of the Dictator. But he was contextually speaking as part of a task.

Riythwika never said anything out of order and specifically nothing about Aishwarya. Yet, racist insults were hurled at her. Riythwika was out of earshot but we heard them. And it was despicable.

An enraged Aishwarya despite security guard Danny and advisor Janani’s request to keep her emotions in check and to not let the cat out of the bag that they could spy on others, promptly went on to deliver ugly punishments.

Throwing garbage on Bhalajie was out of line. By doing so Aishwarya has only proved her detractors right. That she can’t tell the difference between a task and seeking revenge, between punishment and humiliation only proves that she is immature. Further, her reluctance to admit that she misunderstands people and the language, fuels her insecurities.

This is not to say that we condone Bhalajie’s behaviour or other contestants when they are wrong. But everyone so far has been civil despite the difference of opinions.

Aishwarya’s just gone Trump on the housemates and imposed sanctions with impunity. Her instruction that Sendrayan not wash his hands while he cooks for the housemates also stems from personal vendetta. This girl is no longer playing the game but settling scores. It’s unnerving. Especially the fallout on social media with people taking sides over a North-South divide (even though she’s Bengali). Yet another Us vs. the Outsider debate is unnecessary and just adds to the fractious feeling.

What’s more, we’re not sure if Aishwarya is aware of the repercussions of her actions. If she continues this way in the house , everybody is going to make this personal and she will be shown that Dictators come crashing down. And once she’s out in the real world, who’s to say people will dissociate the Bigg Boss Dictator and the real Aishwarya when she herself is unable to. But we know this - It’s a forgiving world out here. Season 1’s egregious Julie has gone on to create name and fame for herself. So we won’t put it past Aishwarya.

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