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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 13 July 2012

Movie Title



Chakri Toleti

Star Cast

Ajithkumar, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Bruna Abdullah, Vidtyut Jamwal, Sudanshu Pandey

First things first- If you expected Billa-2 to be a stylish film, you will not be disappointed. Problem is, apart from a few stale gimmicks borrowed from a bunch of Hollywood films -- nothing really happens in this film at all. It is a miscalculation on the part of both the film's writer and director Chakri Toleti who has to take the blame for it.

Packaged snazzily with a charismatic hero like Ajith, glossy-finish camerawork by RD Rajasekhar, exotic locations and fancy costumes, every frame of the film probably cost lakhs to put together, but it still feels like a hollow piece in the end because the story doesn't hold.

The film has no soul, not even a wafer thin story or any smart packaging in terms of commercial elements associated with a big hero film. In short, director Chakri Toleti has made a film without understanding the basic structure of commercial mass films and it lacks local flavour.

The story is a prequel on how David Billa became the biggest underworld don of all times. David Billa (Ajith) a refugee (?) comes to Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu and his journey begins into crime. First he starts as a local diamond smuggler who graduates into drugs and later international arms smuggling. On the way up the crime syndicate, he meets a lot of treacherous opponents whom he eliminates one by one and becomes the dreaded don. But the treatment's so over-the-top, so indulgent that it fails to establish any connect.

In all fairness, the first half of the film is marginally better than the second. If Billa-2 is salvaged to some extent, it's thanks to Ajith?s irresistible screen presence and his spontaneous approach to the character. Sadly you have no words of praise for good looking villains Sudhanshu and Vidyut and girls Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah who can't rise above the flawed script.

Do we really want impressionable young children to see this kind of violence where people are brutally chopped, throat slit and killed at regular intervals? You cringe in the scene when Ajit kills the corrupt policeman (KK) when he is having kinky sex in a brothel!

Don't go in expecting too much, perhaps you won't be too disappointed. Watch Billa-2 for its stylish presentation, it hasn?t got anything else to offer.

Verdict: All style, No substance

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