Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 04 April 2009

Movie Title



Meher Ramesh

Star Cast

Prabhas, Anushka, Namitha, Rehman, Krishnamraju, Supreeth

The movie is an escapist action drama with technical glitz. But has little substance.A dreaded gangster is killed by a cop; and now the cop brings a petty thief with similar looks to unravel a dangerous plan. Is he successful or not forms the essence.

A known story, the movie begins with Billa (Prabhas), the most feared gangster in Malaysia and he becomes a world wanted criminal. He does not trust anyone including his own gang of girlfriend Lisa (Namitha), Ranjeet (Supreeth), Vijay (Subbaraju) and others.

However, he is good at his job and that?s why the other gangster Rashid Khan (Kelly) comes to him with an offer. Meanwhile ACP Krishnamurthy is hot on Billa?s trial and in one encounter he manages to kill Billa and none knows it. At this point, Krishnamurthy gets to know that there is one petty thief called Ranga (Prabhas) in Vizag.

He comes and meets Ranga, explains the situation without revealing that Billa is dead. Soon Ranga becomes Billa. There is also Maya (Anushka) who joins Billa?s gang to avenge the death of his brother Vijay and his girlfriend (Hansika). What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Prabhas come up with a good performance and he looked more lively and impressive as Ranga than the serious look of Billa. Anushka was there to show her oomph and glamour which she has done full justice, Namitha also followed the same path. Rehman was usual, Krishnamraju could have been better, Ali was normal, Supreeth was apt, Kelly Dorjee was underutilized.

The others did their bit as required. The director has come up with the storyline that is known to audience, his narrative was mediocre but the presentation made up for the flaws. The script is not written with intensity, screenplay was normal, dialogues missed the punch, music was neat and two songs were good, cinematography was above average but there was scope for more.

Editing was good, the costumes were remarkable and the locations were visually scenic. Art department and stunts were good. The film takes off on a rather poor style with not much to look forward to but eventually it picks up in an interesting way. While the first half goes about with the lighter side of romance and some action sequences, the real story begins during the second half and leads to an interesting climax. The pace has been maintained well during the second half.

Though the film has been made on a high budget, the amount of slick and style could have been improved since there was not much in the story or the dialogue department. This happens to be the remake of the Tamil blockbuster ?Billa? and it must be said that the Tamil version was excellent. If the makers had focused on coming up with some intense dialogues and polished some scenes, the impact would have been much greater. This is a blockbuster material in truth but it will settle for a decent fare at the box office.

Verdict: Above average

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