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Friday 20 December 2013

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K. E. Gnanavel Raja

Star Cast

Karthi, Premji, Hansika, Mandy

So here's the bottom line. The much hyped Venkat Prabhu diet- Biriyani is the blandest one you must have had in recent times. The larger problem here is that this film doesn't have the crackle and pop of a rom-com, a thriller or even cleverly written comic lines.

The film rides on its title value, but has nothing really to do about food. Basically it lacks a proper script and looks like Venkat scribbled it on a tissue paper during a Biriyani lunch. It is nothing but a mish-mash of scenes and gags recycled from director?s own earlier hits.

The first half is all about boozing, bikinis, women (repeatedly referred as items, pieces and chicks, there is even chick meter), double meaning dialogues and how to ?correct? a woman! And the second half peters out to be a murder mystery where our hero Sugan (Karthi) is framed

Talented actors like Nassar, Sampath, Ramki, Jayaprakash are stereotypes who has no defined roles to play. Venkat as a director makes Ajith and Vijay fans happy showing Mankatha song as a flash mob in a crucial scene and a Vijay song on TV.

We wonder what attracted Karthi to accept this film. He is suitably befuddled, but struggles to shine under the limited scope of his role. Hansika, sincere despite the surface-level depth of her character, is completely wasted in the film. She disappears after a blink-and-miss appearance in the first half only to resurface in the climax.

Premji like in all Venkat Prabhu films is there throughout and he doesn?t have a single original one-liner or dialogues to make you laugh. New find Mandy shows off her cleavage to the maximum and is perfect oomph quotient.

Touted as Yuvan?s 100th album, there is not a single track which is hummable. Lyrics like Girls, girls, bikini bikini... are pedestrian and there is hardly any song which will stay in your mind. On the whole, a lazily scripted film that leaves you bored and searching for the exit. It's as enjoyable as eating yesterdays Biriyani that's been left out in the cold.

Verdict: Below Average

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