Biskoth- Fails to impress


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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Sunday 15 November 2020

Movie Title

Biskoth- Fails to impress


R Kannan

Star Cast

Santhanam, Tara Alisha Berry, Swathi Mupalla Sowcar Janaki

There was a time when the Tamil cinema industry completely dependent on Santhanam's comedy one-liners and his track for box office success.  

After the comedian decided to act as a hero in his films, the actor delivered a few hits and more flops. His new film Biskoth is all about how a fictional story narrated by a granny in an old age home miraculously changes his life.

Raja(Santhanam)'s dad Dharmarajan(Aadukalam Naren) is the founder of a biscuit company and wishes that his son should become the CEO of his brainchild someday. Unfortunately, Dharmarajan dies and his close friend Narasimhan is now spearheading the business. Now, Raja gets himself a job in the biscuit company founded by his dad.

Meanwhile, Raja happens to meet Janaki (Sowcar Janaki), a new member of his frequently visiting old age home/ashram. Interestingly, the stories Janaki narrates to Raja turn out to be true in his life and it also leads to various subplots in the film. Can Janaki bring some luck to Raja's life?

Santhanam tries hard to bring laughter and he manages to achieve it to an extent. Though the film has a great scope for hilarious comic episodes, the underwritten characters and average dialogues affect the overall output of the film.

Anandaraj, the deadly villain who has now been seen as a major comedian shines in a few scenes but has nothing spectacular about his performance. There are two heroines in the film and yes, just for the sake of it. Rajendran who comes as the comic side-kick of Santhanam is somewhat better compared to others in the film. While the first half was passable, the second half of the film tests our patience with a series of subplots to make sure Santhanam appears in multiple looks.

The cinematography and musical departments are strictly functional. Overall, Biskoth is yet another average outing from 'hero' Santhanam.

Verdict: Below Average


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