Biwi No.1

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 10 August 2001

Movie Title

Biwi No.1


David Dhawan

Star Cast

Triangles seem to be a favourite with David Dhawan. So after ?Sajan Chale Sasural? and ?Gharwali Baharwali? comes another saga of pati, patni aur woh- ?Biwi No.1?. This time the effort is well packaged but the director fails in evoking laughs naturally, as he did in his earlier films like ?Hero No. 1? and ?Judwaa?. But it`s good fun anyway, if you leave behind your brains and principles at home.

The "biwi" here is the immaculately dressed Karishma Kapoor, who doesn`t seem to be tired of wearing a million bangles and heavy kanjeevarams even at home. She of course is your ideal wife material, the kind who`s stood by her husband through his trying times and is a wonderful mother to his two kids. The husband here is Salman Khan, a rags to riches story, who seems quite in love with his pretty biwi.

Enter the leggy Sushmita Sen and quite inexplicably, our Mr Megabucks falls for her. So much so that he hides the fact about being married and lies to her about his wife being insane when she finds out, zips off with her to Switzerland and even buys a mega mansion for her! Shattered, when she comes to know that her man is not just her own anymore, Biwi dear throws him out of her house and decides to become No. 1, helped by family friends Anil Kapur and Tabu. So she packs off her pet dog and kids to hubby and his gal`s house and even sends her mom-in-law to complete the picture. And when even this fails, she trades her kanjeevarams for slinky wraparounds and mails hubby her modelling pictures.

Outraged, hubby reacts just the way a normal Indian male would. He doesn`t mind his own but repents his wfe`s bold act. The plotting and planning finally makes his relationship with Ms Long Legs go kaput and she goes back to the always open arms of an ex-admirer (Saif Ali Khan). Biwi and Pati get together and presumably live happily ever after. All ends well in this David Dhawan film and the audience goes home happy.

Storywise, a number of things are mindless. When Karisma sends her kids to live with the "other woman", she doesn`t seem to think about how they are going to be treated by her. Salman Khan`s character of a man who strays too easily is condemned but too mildly, making the whole thing a happy go lucky affair. Karisma Kapoor excels in a role that might be too dramatic but will go down well with the audience because of the sympathy factor.

But it`s Sushmita Sen who looks gorgeous, fits her role to a T and is actually the No. 1 in the film. Technically, Dhawan is no great shakes. In fact, the cinematography could`ve been a lot better. The music is rather jarring, except Sona Sona, which has a catchy beat. All in all, an entertainer, although a mindless one.

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