Black Daliya

Black Daliya


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 10 May 2009

Movie Title

Black Daliya



Star Cast

Vani Viswanath, Baburaj, Suresh Gopi

Listen to this plot carefully. A gang of some ten gals, whose idea of fun is wild parties at night, wearing skimpy outfits and the likes. On a fateful night, they run over a man quite accidentally and there starts their troubles.

Does it remind you of the recent Mohanlal starrer Red Chillies or Jim Gillespie's I know what you did last summer? Acor turned director Baburaj's Black Daliya has a predictable plot but is watchable in parts.

It's a fast paced-action-murder-mystery and in all fairness, the director has done a decent job in his maiden attempt. The story begins when a serial killer is taken to the tough talking Dr.Aadhikeshav (Suresh Gopi) and then the mystery unveils in a flashback.

Cut to a medical college, where the action begins as a gang of voluptuous looking girls from affluent households live in true funky style. They live in a designer hostel and fear none. But things go wrong for them in a big way.

After that fateful night when a stranger is found dead under the wheels of their car, they are in a fit of panic. And worse still, the members of the gang are found dead from then on, one after the other.

Cop Anwar (Baburaj) is in charge of the investigations, but he rubs people the wrong way and that ruins his chances. Enters the firebrand IPS officer Daisy Wilfred (Vani Viswanath) and things fall into place, or do they? Well, there is some suspense in store!

Using recognizable stars for short spans and still marketing the film with their faces pasted prominently in the posters, the makers of Black Daliya has played a smart game. But the best thing about it is that they have made it an entertaining affair. The script has holes for sure and the film is never the 'must-watch' sort, but even the makers may not expect you to take it that seriously.

Vani Viswanath has been presented in a role that fits her very well and her real-life husband, Baburaj has done a nice job facing the camera. P Sukumar's visuals, Sayan Anwar's songs and Rajamani's background scores add to the mood.

It may not have the kind of finesse or the brilliance that is seen in many of the well-taken mystery thrillers, but still this one can easily be classified as a watchable fare. Go without much expectation and chances are that you may find it enjoyable.

Verdict: Time-pass

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