Black Stallion

Black Stallion


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 10 January 2010

Movie Title

Black Stallion



Star Cast

Namitha, Kalabhavan Mani, Bala

Obviously, you expect a ?visual treat? (pun intended) while going for a Namitha film and she doesn't disappoint much in her maiden venture in Malayalam, Black Stallion.

In itsy-bitsy outfits that reveal much more than what they conceal, she sets the screen ablaze, especially during the song sequences. The rest of the film, with a puerile storyline and a shaky script, is nothing much to talk about.

The film begins with flashback scenes of some gang wars, a corrupt cop and some murders. Cut to the present times, when Black (Kalabhavan Mani) is a criminal-cop. He has a gang of hunks, ready to kill and dressed in black, and as if in a routine, they are shown walking only in slow-motion! Black meets Laura (Namitha), a super-hot bar dancer, is smitten by her ample charms and wants to marry her.

Laura hates him and after some dream songs in rain, Laura stabs Black and finds refuge in Kochi. There she meets a high-profile photographer Ameer Usman (Bala) and the two becomes close soon. If you haven't guessed by now, Black comes to the city, in search of Laura and the plot thickens!

It is evident that this fractured storyline was created to include everything that a viewer will expect from a Namitha film. Even then, it is difficult to understand why those behind the film didn't try to come up with even a remotely interesting theme.

Instead, the whole attempt has been to amuse the audience with camera techniques which starts to look plain boring after a while, some often-seen computer graphics, gimmickry and silly dialogues.

It's Namitha's body that talks more than the actor herself and that is in fact not a bad idea as she seems to be sleepwalking through the role, with not much interest in the proceedings.

Kalabhavan Mani and Bala wear jackets and flex the muscles in virtually every scene that they are in. The rest of the cast including Ashish Vidyarthi, Pithamagan Mahadevan and Parunthu Jayan have limited roles to play.

With a juvenile script and unimaginative direction, what Black Stallion does is to stun you with its vanity. The visuals and music perhaps suit the mood that the film intends to convey. It may sometimes be branded as a smart marketing acumen to rake in the moolah by showing voluptuous bodies on screen, but aren't we going to the theatres to watch a movie?

Black Stallion has been made to titillate with excessive skin show, but it has been done without any imagination or aesthetic quality. If your idea of entertainment is to dissect the heroine's body from every angle, well, this has been made with viewers like you in mind. For those who want to watch a movie, this one is not even an option!

Verdict: Avoid

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