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`Raveena has done a brilliant job in the film` - Mahima Chaudhary

Starting her career with Pardes, she has made Bollywood her home. Mahima Chaudhary is happy doing few but meaty roles, the latest being Dobara. The powerhouse performer co-stars with Jackie Shroff and Raveena Tandon in this intriguing drama.

In this interview, the actress shares the wonderful experience while shooting Dobara. Mahima plays the role of Jackie's wife. A headstrong woman and a psychiatrist by profession, all hell breaks loose when she suspects her husband of an affair.

Haven't seen much of you lately. Where have you been?
I have been very much around. It so happened that two of my releases, Zameer and Hum Do Hamara Ek got shelved. That's the reason you didn't see much of me on screen.

You play Jackie's wife in the film. What is your role like?
That's right. I play the role of a psychiatrist, which is a contrast to Raveena's character, that of a person who needs psychiatric help. And poor Jackie is torn between the two of us. She is a very strong person totally and in control of her being.

Would you have traded roles with Raveena, since the chance to play a schizophrenic doesn't come everyday.
Haven't given it a thought. But going by the way she has played the role, I think she has done a brilliant job of it. I am not sure how I would have played it.

In Dobara, you suspect Jackie of an extra marital affair. Personally, can you pardon infidelity?
I know lots of people who indulge in infidelity and they seem to be perfectly okay with it. But no, I don't think it's a part of me.

How was it working with co-stars Jackie & Raveena?
Splendid. Jackie is wonderful to work with. He is easy going and full of compliments. As with Raveena, I have done a film with her and I think she is fabulous too. They are very functional on the sets. People with lot of experience, they are ready to lend you a hand. No attitude problem whatsoever.

Shashi Ranjan is a teleman, anything different you observed with his style of direction?
Nothing that I can think of. Nevertheless, I think he has done a commendable job with the film. Yeah...may be he has borrowed the discipline from the television medium, because filmmaking is complete madness.

Muammar thinks of you as a fabulous co-star. How do you react to that?
[Smiles] He's a sweetheart. Muammar is easy on compliments too. A leading actor in Pakistan, he has an impressive work experience. Shooting was fun!

An interesting incident that you recollect
We had this club song that was picturised in Goa and the scene demanded that we all get drunk. So, I suggested that we actually have tequila shots but the disciplinarian that he is, Shashi insisted that we drink water instead, lest we get all high. So it was kind of weird that we were sipping water and behaving like booze-heads for the shot.

One thing each about Jackie and Raveena not many know
Hmmm…lets see. Well, both are temperamental. And both like to have their space. Now since I have worked with them quite a bit, I can read their faces. It kind of tells me which side of the bed have my co-stars woken up his morning. [laughs]

What do you think of the current fad, is skin the way to go?
Nah. I don't subscribe to skin show.

You have been doing highly selective projects. What's the reason?
I don't want to give in to the signing spree and collect a hundred projects. Instead spacing it out and fewer projects is what interests me.

Where do we see you next?
Tanuja Chandra's Filmstar should be out shortly. I am currently shooting for Gumnaam. Besides, there are a couple of other projects that I am working on and wrapping up.

Game for some quick Q's?
Okay, lets try…

What cracks you up totally?
Cyrus Broacha.

In between shooting…
Give interviews like these, and if time permits, take lunch.

First crush
My Physics professor.

Best compliment
Somebody once said, “You look even better off-screen”. I think that is a huge compliment for any actor.

Recurring dream
That I am falling from a spiral staircase…

Worst Nightmare
None. I sleep peacefully.

Trust and respect.

Life is NOW.

Faith in oneself.

Worst Gossip
Check the tabloids.

Teachers pet or absolute terror
Teachers' pet for sure.

Biggest fear
Waking up to not find my loved ones.

If not an actress…
I would have pursued academics. Probably been a CEO of some company.

Shoe size
5. Yup, I am Chinese.

Movies are
My biggest getaway!

Life is lived by destiny or design?
A bit of both, I guess.

Dobara is…
One of my sweetest experiences. IndiaFM