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The twists in the plot will strap audiences to their seats: Jackie Shroff

Be it the main lead, character role or being a baddie, he's an actor for all seasons. Jackie dada with his unmistakable style and bindaas attitude is sampling a wide variety of roles these days. This lambi race ka ghoda is very upbeat about his Friday release, Dobara.

In an interview with IndiaFM, the sexy star chats about his role in Dobara where he is sandwiched between two lovely ladies, Raveena Tandon and Mahima Chaudhary.

What is your role in Dobara?
I play an author who is in love with Raveena but for some reason, he walks out of her life and is married to Mahima. Raveena comes back after some time and wants him back.

Character's name
I play Bir in the film.

You have worked with Raveena earlier too, how was the experience this time around?
Excellent. She's my favoritest actress. Raveena gives me no grief. I get a lot of positive vibes from her. We had a great time shooting.

How was it with Mahima?
Like me, she is also a Ghai discovery. So it feels like family. I have seen her grow from film to film. And in Dobara, she has surpassed herself.

Your experience of working with Shashi Ranjan
In Shashi, I have found a friend for life. He is sensitive, caring and concerned. I think he has a solid innings ahead.

What would you say is the highlight of the script?
I think the twists and turns will keep the audiences in their seat.

In the film, Mahima accuses you of an extra-marital affair. Personally, do you think infidelity is pardonable?
Men are polygamous by nature. In a high-tension environment, people tend to falter. Long traveling spells and close interaction makes it difficult to focus on the relationship. I have some friends who are divorced. It is unfortunate but true.

You have a beautiful marriage with Ayesha. What does a successful marriage ask as an investment?
I think patience and deep friendship. I also believe that once children happen, they help cement the relationship.

Tell us something quirky about your leading ladies- Mahima & Raveena.
Hmmm…During shooting, if I goofed up on my lines, Raveena would mutter the dialogue under her breath and I would pick it up from there. That was funny. As for Mahima, she's bindaas.

How was it to work with Muammar Rana?
Unfortunately, I had no scenes with Muammar. However I am very glad that a Pakistani actor is part of a Bollywood project.

Just when you were being written off, you struck back with your second innings. Where are you going from here?
I hope to keep entertaining people. Discover newer facets to acting. And become a pillar of the industry.

You have a brilliant tuning with Subhash Ghai. We are disappointed to not see you in Kisna.
He has used my daughter's name Krishna for the film. So I guess, it's all in the family.

You are the typical lambi race ka ghoda. Spell your 21 years in the industry in one word.
Home away from home.

Can I interest you in a quick fire round?
Yeah. Lets go for it.

How do you wear style?
Natural. Nothing forced works.

First crush
A beetle flower that dried up. I had put it away in a book. It got rotten and my mom threw it away. So my first crush went out of the window.

Teacher's pet or absolute terror
Teacher's pet

Funda about Love
There is no funda. Its just love.

A journey.


Worst Gossip
I don't believe in it.

Worst Nightmare
Nah...nothing really.

One track you hum often
i>Jao re jogi…

Your shoe size
10 ½.

Recurring dream
Nothing. Everyday is a new day.

Best compliment
“Oh, he's so sexy!”

One movie you would love to make. And whom would you like to cast?
Dev Anand in Guide.


In between shooting…
Catch up on sleep and rehearse lines.

What cracks you up totally?
Govinda's films.

Jackie, 10 years from here…
Answering the same questions, may be.