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I play a woman with violent mood swings!: Raveena

She has won accolades for films like Shool, Satta and Daman. A fairy tale marriage, charming beau Anil and now motherhood, Raveena Tandon has never had it better.

In an interview, the gorgeous actress tells us about her character in Dobara who returns to Jackie's life to strike havoc on his marital ties. Co-starring Mahima Chaudhary and Jackie Shroff, this Shashi Ranjan film is set to hit screens this Friday. (Also read: Twists will strap audiences to their seats: Jackie Shroff )

What genre would you say the film belongs to?
If a film does well, it is a commercial hit and if it goes to the festivals, it is tagged as an art film. Hopefully with Dobara we would have made a sensitive and a clean entertainer. The film tells the story of human emotions. And I hope it is well received.(Also read: An actor has no borders: Muammar Rana )

You play a schizophrenic in the film. Must have been quite exciting…
I beg to differ here. She's not a schizophrenic but a person with neurological disorder, abipola. Here the person has extreme mood swings and puts up huge tantrums. Cinema has always given stereotypes. It's not as if she has an evil look and goes around stabbing people. Dobara doesn't go overboard like other films do. The film presents her as a normal individual with a minor disorder. (Also read: Raveena has done a brilliant job: Mahima)

Jackie's been your co-star for some time now. How was he to work with?
Oh, Jackie's a great guy and a lovely human being. Kind hearted and genuine, it's an absolute pleasure to work with him. (Also read: Dobara has a strong emotional undercurrent: Shashi Ranjan )

How did it feel to play 'the other woman' in the film?
You don't really know who the other woman is till the end. The plot withholds that. If everything were black and white, there is nothing that would excite people to the theatres.

Shashi is a tele man and you have worked in television too. Did that help your rapport with him?
Very few know that Shashi is a cinema man. His grasp over films is impressive. Not once did we feel that it's a debutant directing us. Also since he's been an actor himself, dealing with artists comes easy. Shashi gave us complete freedom on the sets, which doesn't happen too often. It's the little improvisations that make a scene magical and he understands that perfectly well.

Actresses are said to get catty while working. How was your equation with Mahima?
Mahima's been a friend. She has zero ego hassles and is very confident about her craft and so insecurity doesn't seep in. I have worked with her in two films.

Many Hindi films that supposedly deal with adult themes turn into sleaze. What's the case with Dobara?
Dobara is no adult film. It's a mature story between everyday characters.

Do you think motherhood makes an actress less saleable?
No. I don't think so.

Your releases…
I want to devote time to my family. Though very tempting, no new projects for some time now.

Can we go for a 1-minute Q's?
Okay. Shoot.

Teachers pet or absolute terror
A bit of both.

First crush
…was the reason I lost weight.

What cracks you up totally?
My brother

If you love someone, set him free. If he comes back, he is yours. Or else he never was.

Live and let live.

Yeah. I have my private hotline with him

The song that you hum often…
You wouldn't believe it, it's the `Hanuman Chalisa` that I chant most.

Your shoe size
61/2 - 7. It's weird, just like me.

In between shooting…
I love reading. So that fills in my break.

One movie you did love to make
Gone with the Wind.

Your favorite toon character

First thing you do in the morning
[gives a wicked smile] Brush my teeth.

Best Compliment
Strange, but I don't seem to remember any.

Worst fear
Losing my loved ones.

Recurring dream

Worst nightmare
Bizarre images. Indiafm