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Dobara has a strong emotional undercurrent: Shashi Ranjan

From dishing popular television software to delivering a bollywood film, director Shashi Ranjan has steered his career steadfast. With his company producing television software, the director has now channeled his energies towards his first love: Making movies.

In an interview, Shashi talks about Dobara. Also, Dobara pioneers the cast of Pakistani actor Muammar Rana who throws an interesting angle to the film.

From television to films, was it a gradual shift or you always wanted to do films?
I basically come from a film discipline. I have also been an actor, so films have always been lurking in me. Talking of television, I worked on a whole lot of programmes and have had a good run. But somewhere down, there was this need to tell a story. And that's how Dobara happened. It tells a human story.

While on television, you worked mostly on talk shows formats, so how was it handling an emotional script like that of Dobara?
The fact that I did a lot of issue and personality based shows increased my craving to work on a human drama. So it was great fun to work on the script of Dobara.

While filmmakers continue to play safe, you decided to take on the tide and deal with something different. What is Dobara as an idea?
The film is very close to me. Contrary to feel-good cinema that focuses on the hero, Dobara deals with characters. It is the complexity of the characters that fascinated me to the script. Simply put, it's a mature love story that is pleasant and doesn't get on your nerves.

Jackie, Mahima & Raveena, quite an unusual cast. What made you decide on them?
I believe it's the story that decides the cast. For my male protagonist, I needed someone with a reasonable amount of screen-age. And in Jackie I found my leading man. As regards the actresses, I wanted performers who have a fair amount of experience backing them. So, Raveena and Mahima were the answers. That's how the cast filled out.

Pakistani actor Muammar Rana chips in with a special appearance in the film. How did you zero it on him?
Sanju was my first choice. But since he couldn't allot me dates in the required timeframe, I was on a lookout for replacement. Meanwhile, I was in Pakistan for the Indo-Pak match where I spotted Muammar. I immediately liked him for the role. He's an earnest performer and has a very interesting role in the film.

Javed saab and Anu Mallik team up once again, what is the music score that Dobara offers?
Dobara has lilting music. It has a club song 'Humnasheen' that is already popular; it has two romantic numbers as also a ghazal by Hariharan and Alka Yagnik. Something that Bollywood hasn't had in a long time.

What would you say is the highlight of the script?
Dobara has a strong emotional undercurrent that is going to interest people. The complex characters, music and pleasant feel, makes it a movie worth a watch.

Let out one secret of both the ladies- Mahima & Raveena
[Smiles] Nah....I wouldn't want to. Both have been co-operative and working with the ladies was a good experience. Let's keep it to that.

How was Jackie to work with?
Jackie is easy and hassle free!

Are you looking at television or is it going to be only films from now on?
My company will continue to produce television software but I will focus on films from now on.

Which are the scripts that you are considering?
I am currently looking at a few scripts. Work will commence once Dobara is released. Indiafm