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Akshay has a lot of experience: Abbas-Mustan
By IndiaFM News Bureau

Abbas-Mustan hit a speed-breaker with Taarzan-The Wonder Car. But that hasn't deterred the men-in-white who have stirred up yet another thriller treat this Diwali. The director-duo chat about Aitraaz, which has been inspired by the controversial Kobe Bryant case. This Mukta Arts film stars Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Akshay Kumar.

What inspired this film?
We read about the Kobe Bryant case in the papers. While discussing the case, we hit upon the question, 'What if the situation were reversed?' 'What if the female slaps charges of sexual harassment on the man?' That's where Aitraaz was born.

The title Aitraaz is quite an unusual name. What's the thought behind it?
The title suited the subject totally. That apart, the term 'Aitraaz' is very colloquial. And what best pleased us is that when we went to register the name, it hadn't ever been used!

How did you finalize on the casting?
Akshay has an action star image. So, we thought of giving him the character of a common man. In Aitraaz it will be interesting to watch him underplay the role.

Where has the film been shot?
We shot at Cape Town, South Africa, Goa, Pune and Mumbai.

What is the music of the film like?
`Himesh ne bahut mehnat ki hain`. There are close to four songs that do a lot of storytelling. And the feedback that we have got is quite positive.

Was there any pressure from a big banner like Mukta Arts?
Pressure? Nothing at all. Subhash Ghai being a director himself understands the director's point of view totally. So, there was full co-operation from his side. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Mukta Arts.

Why does an Abbas-Mustan always have names like Raj, Sonia and Priya?
Well, when we approach our writers to work on the screenplay and characters, it is names like Raj and Priya that are thrown up. It is the narrative that suggests the names. There is no conscious effort at repeating names.

Taarzan-The Wonder Car didn't do well. How did you take that?
With Taarzan, we gave a shot at a new subject. But it failed unfortunately. However it was a sincere attempt and we stand by it.

You worked with Akshay a long time back in Khiladi, then Ajnabee and now Aitraaz. How has the experience been like?
There's been a tremendous growth curve. Akshay now has a lot of experience by his side. He has improved a lot as an actor.

What are your pipeline projects?
We will be doing another film for Mukta Arts. There is another film for Balaji and we will also be directing a film for Gordhan Tanwani.

What are your expectations from Aitraaz?
We believe that we have made a good film. We have always accepted audience verdict. Friday will decide the fate for Aitraaz. Inshallah chalegi!