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“Aitraaz is going to fuel my sex-siren image!”- Priyanka Chopra
By IndiaFM
Glowing amidst flashbulbs was Priyanka Chopra at the Muktaa Arts bash. Looking stunning in an electric blue halter neck, the actress was all perked up for her Friday release, Aitraaz. With six releases under her belt, this 21-year old is fast becoming a hot favorite with the best banners.

In an interview with IndiaFM, Priyanka warns us about her role in Aitraaz, which she describes as dangerous and edgy. The sizzler confesses to playing an eccentric character in the film co-starring Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar.

At the outset, what is Aitraaz about?
It's a hard-hitting thriller. And I am playing an extremely negative character.

Tell us the one thing that prompted you to sign the film
Honestly, the only reason I did the film is Abbas-Mustan. Their belief in Sonia got me to believe in her. Sonia and I as individuals are poles apart, which made it even tougher to play her.

How was it working in the film?
Extremely satisfying, must say. Everyone from Akshay to Kareena, and Abbas-Mustan have been around for some time. So it was a very humbling experience to be a vital part of the film.

You seem to have a pretty interesting role. Tell us about it…
Hmm...I play Sonia. She is this go-getter who stops at nothing. Akshay happens to be her object of desire and she wants him at any cost. An obsessive person by nature, she simply fails to see reason. Once Sonia sets her sight on something, it ought to be hers! Dangerous and edgy, is how I see Sonia.

What would you say was the biggest challenge playing Sonia?
To give life to Sonia who is not like me was a mountain challenge. During shoots I used to sit on her bed, be in her closet just to feel Sonia. There were times when I carried Sonia home. I would have her airs, gestures, expressions, until my mom snapped at me! I had started to live Sonia beyond the camera!

How do you think the film has shaped up?
Haven't seen the film yet. But yes the clips look sensational!

The promos showcase a lot of skin…
All the sizzle in the film has been captured in the promos. So, if you expect a skin flick, Aitraaz might disappoint you. As for my role, I have peaked my sense of sensuality & exposure with Aitraaz. And if you care to look beyond the skin play, I have a power-packed role.

Sonia is a sexually extrovert character, right?
See, Sonia uses her sexuality as a tool to get her man. She's very aware of her sensuality and puts it to best use.

Do you think the sex-n-skin image of yours is getting a wee bit stretched?
See, I started with a sex-siren tag and I am sure Aitraaz is going to further intensify that. But I am glad that filmmakers are approaching me with different characters. So I will be soon passing the sex goddess crown to others. Aitraaz is going to be the last among the 'bold variety' roles for me.

There is a current flood of hot sirens. How different have you tried to play Sonia?
I have put in a lot of sweat into this role. Right from the looks of a young Sonia to a more mature Sonia, her voice culture, mannerisms. Have worked on all of it. Hope all the hard work pays off at the box-office!

Abbas-Mustan offered you Humraaz too, but you didn't take it up…
Not really. I was under the Miss World contract that doesn't let you take up any new ventures. The film had to go on floors immediately and I couldn't commit dates.

There has been some talk about you singing for the film. True?
[Giggles] No. I haven't. Singing is a hobby with me but haven't sung for the film.

The music is being touted as this big gun. What is the music like?
Aitraaz music is of the bouquet variety. It has a slow track, a lounge track, a sensuous number, all of it. I think Himesh has struck a neat balance.

Is it going to be films for you or you will move on to something else?
I entered the industry at 18 and I am 21 now. I just don't' feel the need to do anything else in life. My film career is extremely satisfying. I can't look beyond it. To the extend that, on the days when shoots don't happen, I almost panic! My drive for work keeps me going.

How important do you think is the comfort level between co-stars?
Oh, I think it's extremely important that you have a good working relation with your co-stars. Be it on the sets or my recent world tour with Shahrukh, Preity and Rani, I have had a brilliant tuning with each of them.

12 November has a bunch of biggies. Where do you see Aitraaz?
I am not skeptical at all. I think each of the films be it Aitraaz, Veer-Zaara, Mughal-e-Azam or Naach has it's share of curiosity and its audience. And I think Aitraaz is going to carve a niche.

Can you run us through your forthcoming films?
Waqt with Akshay and Amitabh Bachchan, Karm with John Abraham, Yakeen with Arjun Rampal, Barsaat with Bipasha & Bobby Deol and there's Blackmail with Ajay Devgan and Suniel Shetty.

Any message to your fans this Diwali…
I did like to wish all my fans a Very Happy Diwali! Also, Idd Mubarak!