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Iím a very conservative girl: Priyanka Chopra
By Subhash K Jha
Right now the most nervous woman in Mumbai is Priyanka Chopra. ďWhat Iíve done in Aitraaz has never been attempted by any other actress before. Itís scary. Have I done it convincingly? Iím apprehensive because I donít identify with my man-eater-character. In real life Iím a very conservative girl.Ē

One thing is for sure. Aitraaz isnít a run-of-the-mill film. ďAnd thatís why Iím scared. Earlier this year Mujhse Shaadi Karogi took me to one level- the successful level. It was my first hit as a solo heroine. And it made a lot of difference to my career. Now Aitraaz should get me recognition as an actress."

"Itís nervewracking because itís a very controversial subject- sexual harassment by a woman at the work place. Itís a role that goes all-out. And Iíve had to say and do things never before. Thereíre a couple of scenes that made me squirm. But more than my actions or dialogues itís my attitude which is aggressive and bold.Ē

Initially Priyanka was very reluctant to play the hotshot lustful executive. ďI donít belong to a family where girls think and behave that way. I thought, what will everyone say? It took a lot of convincing. But my directors Abbas and Mustan finally brought me around. They assured that I wouldnít be projected wrongly, and I trusted them.Ē

Not too many people know, Priyanka was offered the unfaithful wifeís role in Abbas-Mustanís Humraaz which she couldnít do. Amisha Patel did. Patelís archrival Kareena plays Priyankaís arch-rival in Aitraaz.

The mention of her female co-star brings a smile to Priyankaís face. ďKareena and I got along very well. Believe me Iíve never had any problem with any of my female co-stars- Lara in Andaaz, Preity in The Hero or now Kareena in Aitraaz. As long as I'm comfortable with my role Iíve no problem. I still havenít had the guts to go and see Aitraaz. But whoever has told me great things about it.Ē

Priyanka has her fingers crossed. ďIíve never built great expectations about any of my films. But with Aitraaz Iím very hopeful. Iím wondering how people will react. I do play a negative character. And once I took it on I gave it all my life.Ē

And then she talks about her new assignment with Rakesh Roshan. ďHe called me one day and narrated the role. I said great. Hrithik Roshan and I did a couple of photo sessions and we looked good together. Itís got a fabulous story. And itíll be one of the most important films next year. Gudduji (Rakesh Roshan) is making sure itíll turn out fine. Iím sure itíll be yet another step ahead for me. Iím grateful my career is taking off such a big way. Personal setbacks notwithstanding..Ē Her voice drops as she remembers her sordid run-in with her ex-secretary .