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“I want to do movies where I can take my full family to watch it”
By IndiaFM
Hold your breath for this debutant is not only promising but also has a lot of time to keep up those promises. Tammana, debuting in Salim Akhtar's Chand Sa Roshan Chehra is just 15! Having shot most of the film in her summer vacations this year she has been jostling with time for acting and board exams preparations. Here she speaks to IndiaFM about the movie, her visions of her future and her survival plans.

Did you always think about acting as a full-fledged career?
I was in school when I got this offer. So I never got the opportunity to think that this could happen to me. But prior to this offer I was doing theatre, I wanted to act but I never thought that I could go this far to get a movie. So I dint expect this I can say it was a very pleasant surprise!

Do you think it is the right age for debuting in movies?
Yes actually I am very young; when I signed the movie I was 13½ yrs old. Now I am 15 after completing the film. But I guess I was mentally prepared for it. When I got the offer I jumped so somewhere I was prepared and was comfortable.

Tell us about your role in the film?
I am playing Jia, that's the name of my character. She is a very rich girl, so there is always arrogance and a bit of an attitude problem. But there are softer shades to her character also. Its not that she is just an outright arrogant girl, she is emotional, impulsive and her emotional graph is very extreme sometimes very happy, sometimes very sad. She is not balanced, always doing extreme kind of things. So the character was fun, I go to do a lot of wacky things while performing the role.

How did you land up in the movie?
My school teacher knew Salim uncle, so he asked my teacher if she knew somebody who can be a part of his film for the lead role. My teacher suggested my name after which I went for auditions and I got signed.

In this skin show era, where does an angel face like you fit in?
I think what other actresses do is something they feel is right, something that they are comfortable doing. I think my face and my acting will make people relate with me, especially because of the characters that I wish to play. I myself want to do movies where I can take my full family to watch it. So I am happy the way I am.

How comfortable would you be in roles which demand skin show?
No I think would not be able to do them. People who do that really have lot of guts, I really have no guts to do something like that. In Chand Sa Roshan Chehra I am playing a nice character and I would like to continue doing those kinds of roles.

What types of projects are you looking forward to?
I would love to play characters that will be challenging. The ones, which will suit my age bracket, and will also be challenging.

Have you signed anything as of now?
At this moment I am not doing anything but I have signed Salim uncle's next film, which is under scripting I guess…so lets see.

What are your expectations from this film?
There are quite a lot of expectations and its quite unnerving sometimes, but I have done my bit about it. The movie has shaped up well. I hope the things work out well and specially since it's my first venture, all I want is that audiences should go in the theatre thoroughly enjoy the movie and come back to say 'it was a nice film'.

What is that you can deliver that no other actress today can?
Frankly speaking I don't know it as yet, but the fact remains is that I am not trying to compete with any other actress I am just trying to compete with myself at this moment. I want to grow as an actress over the period of time. I enjoy performing and I really want to enjoy every role that I do. I just want to be myself and that might end up being my USP. People might really like me for what I do.

Name one actor that you find irresistible?
Undoubtedly Shahrukh Khan, he is just great.

Who are your other icons?
I have grown up watching Madhuri Dixit and she has become my favorite, because she is just complete and that's so rare. One can't find anything going amiss in her. She is perfect.