Boomerang review:A well intended film which looks superficial

The plot and a relevant message woven into the screenplay of Boomerang is laudable

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

Boomerang review:A well intended film which looks superficial


R Kannan

Star Cast

Atharvaa, RJ Balaji, Satish, Megha

Director Kannan has made a cocktail by mixing ingredients like romance, action, mystery, farmer issues, interlinking of rivers, globalisation, employees forced to resign in IT sector and a face transplant at a crisp run time of just 129 minutes. The plot and a relevant message woven into the screenplay is laudable.

A young man Shiva's face gets burned in a fire accident. In the same hospital, there is a brain dead patient named Shakthi (Atharvaa). Doctors suggest that face transplantation is the only way to rectify the deformed face of Shiva. Eventually, Shakthi's guardian (Suhasini) agrees and doctors successfully give a new lease of life to Shiva.

Thanks to the handsome new face of Shiva, his crush GG (Megha Akash) who once rejected him falls in love with him and life goes well. But suddenly he meets with an accident and is also attacked by goons. Shiva understands that all these attacks are aimed at Shakthi who has a past!

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Now Shiva goes in search for Shakthi's past to Trichy, meets Maya (Indhuja) who narrates a long story. Shiva comes to know that Shakthi was an engineering graduate turned IT employee, after being sacked from job turns to farming. He fights for interlinking of two rivers in his village but the corporate villain (Upen Patel) destroys his dream. Now it's Shiva's turn to fulfill Shakthi's dream...

Atharvaa looks earnest. Among the two heroines, Indhuja scores over Megha Akash who comes as yet another loosu ponnu. Her shrill voice and pathetic performance is a big let down. Sathish's comedy falls flat and RJ Balaji as Shakthi's friend in the second half has few one-liners.

On the whole, Boomerang lacks an original script and is inspired  from various films. Technically, cinematographer Prasanna S Kumar has done a good job. One person whose work stands out in Boomerang is Radhan. The composer shines in both songs and background score department.

A well intended film which looks superficial. Watch it for the  good message.

Boomerang review: Watchable

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