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Monday 21 November 2005

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Manikantan, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Mukesh, Sreenivasan

Vinayan has the guts to make Boyfriend with a new hero, but is still trapped in time-wrap when it comes to story-telling and presentation. There are far too many glitches in the script and the pace drops in the second half. Still Boyfriend is enjoyable in parts and is a murder mystery wrapped in a comedy cover, set in a campus milieu.

Ramesan (Manikantan) is the college hero who is a stylish batsman and is referred to as Sachin Tendulkar among his friends. He is the only son of Nandini (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy) a government secretariat employee who lost her husband (Ganesan). She is a young mother who shares a special bond with her son.

Meanwhile, Home minister Natesan (Mukesh) has been accused of sexually harassing Nandini at work place but is left scot free by the court. When Natesan comes for a function to college where Ramesan studies, he sees Nandini among the audience and abuses her in his speech. This infuriates Ramesan who wacks him with his cricket bat signed by Sachin Tendulkar which was to be presented by the minister!

He escapes from police and takes shelter in a ladies hostel aided by close friends (Madhumita and Honey). A few days later Natesan is murdered and Ramesan is main accused. A bumbling police officer (Sreenivasan) is assigned to investigate the mystery behind the murder which leads to some startling facts!

New boy Manikantan oozes sincerity and confidence and does action scenes with style and conviction. But he has to improve on dialogue delivery. Lakshmi looks too young to be Ramesan?s mother but brings her character to life. Sreenivasan is at the centre of slapstick comedy but could have avoided lying on the ground and smelling for evidence like a dog! Mukesh and Harisri Asokan are the 'comedy villains'. Madhumita and Honey have nothing much to do and music of M.Jayachandran is let down with Yesudas song being the only exception.

On the whole, Boyfriend drags a bit but nevertheless it is a brave attempt by Vinayan and he deserves a pat on his back.

Verdict: Time Pass

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