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Saturday 08 February 2014

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Upendra, Pranitha, Ananth Nag, Sumithra

The movie released with huge expectations and seems like it has certainly satisfied the audience to a good level on the first day. R.Chandru who has always directed movies of a greater response has hit the right chord with the action-thriller Brahma. Upendra?s most anticipated movie of the year which had been making news until the last minute of the release, has settled to a good score. It is the real star who dominates the movie throughout and his different avatars makes it all the worth watching.

The film which spans across two different time periods, sketches a story of a scandalous thug Brahma who has turned out to be a tormenting for the cops and the government. This gangster Brahma loots the rich people and their black money but the reason is unknown initially. He happens to meet the Glam doll Pranitha in Malaysia and they also win the best couple award. Brahma flees to India after looting a rich man (Rangayana Raghu) and is followed by the latter and also by his lady love Pranitha. Brahma also finds about his relation with the 16th century warrior. What is the true identity of Brahma? Why he is on a mission of looting the black money and what is his purpose is revealed in the following scenes.

Chandru is successful in showcasing Upendra in different avatars and gets the audience whistling and clapping when every avatar of Upendra is shown on screen. Superstar Uppi amazes the viewers with his dialogue delivery and the action-stunt sequences. Pranitha in the glam doll role though does not have much to do onscreen, sizzles with her beauty in the songs and involves in her character.

While supporting characters like Ananth Nag, Sumithra, Urvashi, Sayaji Shinde and Achyuth Kumar have done justice to their roles it?s the comic timing of Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila and Bullet Prakash that pours oxygen to the aura and saves the movie from falling flat. Multi lilngual actors like Sonu Sood, Rahul Dev, Avinash and Nassar fit the role of the bad men, though they have nothing much to do and this seems like Chandru has focused only on Upendra. Gurukiran?s music and Shekhar Chandra?s camera work extensively support the direction, by Chandru who has proved to be good with action thriller too.

Verdict: Strictly for Upendra fans

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