BTS announces extended "hiatus" for much-needed "rest, relaxation"

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 12, 2019 13:50 hrs


Washington D.C. [USA], Aug 12 (ANI): South Korean boy band BTS announced that they are taking a much-needed break to focus on "rest and relaxation" and hope to return "refreshed and recharged."
The popular group is going on an "extended" break, and rightfully so! The South Korean boy band, which includes Jimin, V: The Series, Jin, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, and RM, have been performing and releasing songs non-stop since their debut in 2013.

On Sunday, the pop band's management company, Big Hit Entertainment, announced in a statement on Twitter that members RM, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V would be taking "an official and extended period of rest and relaxation" and will not be performing.
"This period of rest will be an opportunity for the members of BTS, who have relentlessly driven themselves towards their goal since their debut, to recharge and prepare to present themselves anew as musicians and creators," the statement read.
"This will also provide them with a chance to enjoy ordinary lives of young people in their 20's, albeit briefly," the company added.
Additionally, the agency also requested fans to respect the band's period of rest and relaxation.
"During this time, the members will rest and recharge in their own personal ways. Should you have a chance encounter with a member of BTS while they are on vacation, we ask that you show consideration for their need to rest and enjoy their private time off," the band's statement said.

Big Hit Entertainment shared that the group plans on returning but did not specify when.
"BTS will return refreshed and recharged to return all the love you have and continue to show them," their statement concluded.
Fan responses to the hiatus were positive, with most tweeting and expressing joy for the well-deserved break.
"I couldn't be happier. They truly deserve this. @BTS_twt I wish you guys to enjoy your time with friends and family and take care of yourself, stay healthy," one fan wrote on Twitter. "We are always here to support you. Thank you for your hard work. Borahae," another wrote.
"Seeing #RestWellBTS and #HappyVacationBTS trending ww makes me the most happiest!" a user wrote. "Babies always have worked the hardest for us to get the best of everything they do, so they truly deserve to have a long vacation and all the rest in the world they need," another wrote.
Countless of other fans also expressed the same sentiments, with many saying they would be waiting for the band's return.
The K-pop group first debuted in 2013 and have been busy ever since. In the last six years, they have played and released six full-length albums and six EPs, reported People.
The news of BTS' break came nearly four months after they dropped their 'Map of the Soul: Persona' album, which featured collaborations with singers Halsey and Ed Sheeran.
Additionally, band member V released a new solo single, titled 'Winter Bear', on Friday and RM recently dropped 'Seoul Town Road', a remix of Lil Nas X's breakout hit 'Old Town Road'. (ANI)