Bullet Basya

Bullet Basya



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 25 July 2015

Movie Title

Bullet Basya



Star Cast

haran, Haripriya, Rangayana Raghu

Delivering back-to-back hits, that too in a short span of time, obviously creates a great hype on the actor’s next film. Also, it is the actors’ responsibility to live up to the expectations of the audience. While the former part holds true for Bullet Basya, Sharan has failed to prove himself with the latter part. 

Scene one: A big ground, a wrestling session, and the audiences are cheering for one person- Basavaraju aka Basya (Sharan). After falling down for few times, he wakes up and finishes the game by smashing the head of the opponent. Cut; scene two!

Scene two: From wrestling ground to an item song, which was so unnecessary in the first part of the film. This is followed by irritating below the belt dialogues, irrelevant placement of songs, unwanted fighting sequences and an expected climax.

Basavraju aka Basya (Sharan) is a spoilt brat from the richest family of the village. All he does is just go around the village, teasing and throwing attitude at everyone who come his way. And there is Muttha (Sharan), a look alike of Basya, who is engaged to an orphan girl Kaveri (Haripriya).

Despite knowing that Kaveri is engaged, Basya falls in love with her and tries every trick on her to make her fall in love with him. Basya eventually kidnaps Muttha, and spreads a rumor that he is dead and tries to get closer to Kaveri. Will Muttha come back or will Basya marry Kaveri or is there any twist in tale? This forms the crux of the story.

Sharan has performed well; there is no second opinion about his performance or his ability to make people laugh! But what makers should understand here is that building a lead character that only delivers dual meaning dialogues does not make anybody and everybody laugh! Of course there are quirky one-liners but none of them are really entertaining.

Sharan wins as Basya as well as Mutha; Haripriya has improved a lot, compared to her earlier films. Actors Rangayana Raghu and Master Anand have very minimal scope. 

The entire movie is woven around just one character- Basya; and except for the fact that he owns Bullet and drives it around the village; there is no reason why the title is based on that. 

Arjun Janya’s music too is below average and the lyrics are too illogical! Even choreography cannot save the songs for Basya. Jayateertha has nothing new to offer to the audience! It is just an old wine in a new bottle. 

Overall, the movie is just too vulgar, too loud and hence can be skipped!

Verdict- Below Average

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