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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 12 September 2014

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Michael Thangadurai, Reshmi Menon, Atul Kulkarni, Sampath Raj

Dharanidharan?s Burma is a decent crime-thriller with newcomers and is targeted at the youth multiplex audiences. The best part is the film has a running time of just 98 minutes and moves at a brisk pace.

Burma is the story of a guy who specialises in seizing cars which have not been fully paid. The film is set in North Madras area where a Settu (Atul Kulkarni) used to employ Guna (Sampath Raj) for car seizure before he is double crossed by Burma (Michael Thangadurai), who takes over the hot-seat.

The hero is aided by his girlfriend Kalpana (Reshmi Menon) and sidekick Boomer (Karthik Sabesh). Their mission is to seize 28 cars for Settu and raise money so that Burma can marry Kalpana. Meanwhile another gang of robbers led by a lady killer gets involved, leading to chase, abduction, double cross and killing. Several crime stories are intertwined with the main story which revolves around the seizure of a white BMW.

The film has some interesting funny scenes like how Burma and Boomer con the lady killer at a check post or the way Burma keeps conning Guna. The idea of the director seems to be to make a dark comedy with lots of flashy cars and chases and funky music to give the rugged look.

However the script is a mess. Some scenes are badly written and incoherent. Dharanidharan should have taken a little more care about the script as it is uneven. The climax twist is predictable with an open ended last scene, for a probable sequel. The background score gives you a feel that you have heard it before.

On the whole Burma is a quite racy and entertaining, and all actors have done a decent job. For a newcomer Dharani has done a pretty decent job.

Verdict - Racy

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