Captain review: Honest and has its heart at the right place

Captain review: Honest and has its heart at the right place

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 17 February 2018

Movie Title

Captain review: Honest and has its heart at the right place


Prajesh Sen

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Anu Sithara

Debutantdirector Prajesh Sen’s Captain narratesthe life of former Indian football captain V P Sathyan. Though he was afabulous footballer on the field, injuries did cut his career short and thatled the hero to a state of depression.

Sathyan(Jayasurya) had just one passion in life and that was the game of football. Hewas a brilliant defender and had led the Kerala team which won the Santoshtrophy in 1992, after a gap of 19 years. He played for Kerala Police but had toface some setbacks from certain higher officers during that tenure. He playedfor other clubs too and became a coach later on.

Though hewas the captain of the Indian football team, Sathyan was seriously affected asa result of a nagging leg injury. 

The storyis not just about his achievements and tensions on the field, but also abouthis family. His wife Anitha (Anu Sithara) stood as a pillar of support when hewent through difficult times. Their moments together have been handled in amatured way and could leave you with moist eyes as the couple go through emotionallytrying times. 

Though onegets the feeling that this could have been worked better in a straightforwardformat instead of the moving back and forth of time as it is now, this one hassome excellent moments. The tension that Sathyan goes through and the pain thathis wife suffers as a result, has been shown quite well.

 No two waysabout the fact that it is Jayasurya’s sterling performance that takes this filmto a different level. He is subtle, intense and amazingly real.It’s one of the finest performances of his career and Anu Sithara ably supportshim in the process. She comes up with an impressive show. 

There aregood performances from Renji Panicker, Sidhique and Deepak Parambol. 

Captain could have been better but this one has itsheart at the right place. Of course, it is more enjoyable if you are awareabout Sathyan’s dramatic life. But then, every Malayali should know about thistalented footballer, who lived just for the sport. Watch it! 

Captain review: Verdict: Honest and has its heart at the right place.







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