Careful review: An easy one time watch

Not really convincing as the original, but for all those who haven’t watched it, this version has its moments

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 29 May 2017

Movie Title

Careful review: An easy one time watch


V K Prakash

Star Cast

Saiju Kurup, Vijay Babu, Jomol, Sandhya Raju

Director V K Prakash’s Careful is mainly about how a rather not so serious looking road violation wreaks havoc in the lives of many.

Rachana Nambiar (Sandhya Raju) is a trainee journalist desperately in search of a story that could impress her editor. In that pursuit she lands up in a rather interesting aspect. She notices that a few are taking U Turns at a particular point in a road, though some bricks have been kept there to stop them from doing so.

She entrusts a cobbler who sits at the nearby pavement to note down the registration numbers of the violators. After she gets the details of a few of them, Rachana decides to meet one person who took U Turn there, that particular day.

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But when Rachana reach there, he never opens his apartment and as fate would have it, he dies on the same day. The cops question her after knowing that she was at his residence and suspects her involvement in the incident.

But they soon learn a horrifying fact about those who take U Turn there.

V K Prakash has remade the brilliant Kannada movie ‘U Turn’, directed by Pawan Kumar, who has earlier done the much appreciated ‘Lucia’.

While the original is a thriller that unveils slowly as the story moves ahead, Prakash has added more emotions, explanations and some messages to it.

Sandhya Raju is okay at best, mostly carrying a single expression. Jomol, who is back after a hiatus, adds that charm which is needed for her character. Saiju Kurup and Vijay Babu have done their roles well.

Careful is not really convincing as the original, but for all those who haven’t watched it, this version has its moments and is an easy one time watch at exactly 2 hours.

Careful review- Verdict: Watchable

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