Case No 18/9

Case No 18/9



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 05 August 2013

Movie Title

Case No 18/9


Mahesh Rao

Star Cast

Sindhu Lokanath, Nirranjan, Shwetha Pandit, Rangayana Raghu

This Kannada movie is a remake of the Tamil movie Vazhakku Enn 18/9 and the original essence of the movie has been retained from the start till the end.

Consequently, the movie is a frame-to-frame remake of the original and is no less than the Tamil cinema. And, that happens to be the biggest drawback of the movie!

The actors are new and struggle to emote. Probably, the director chose an insipid star cast only to justify the roles in the movie. To begin with, the plot does not suggest that it could unravel in any location in Bangalore. The travails of the lead characters are no more that of what prevails in real life in an economically strong city like Bangalore.

The movie has been clearly made for a particular segment of audience, but the absence of top stars may not draw them to the theatres. The director will obviously walk away with the honours for his technical brilliance, grip over narration and impressive film-making. In the past, such movies were appreciated, and even a star, such as Duniya Vijay, emerged from the slums of Bangalore, through Duniya, directed by Soori. But subsequent similar movies failed at the BO.

In terms of acting, again, it is Rangayana Raghu, who scores over the rest. Sindhu is good in certain frames, but her dialogue delivery and eye movement, shows her immaturity in handling particular roles. The rest are not even worth mentioning. Camera work by Sabha Kumar and music by Arjun Janya are the highlights of the movie.

Verdict: AVERAGE

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