Cash (Music review)

Cash (Music review)

Source: Sify

By: IndiaFM

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 27 July 2007

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Anubhav Sinha

Star Cast

Ajay Devgan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Zayed Khan, Esha Deol, Dia Mirza

Vishal-Shekhar are still reeling from the after-shocks of a mediocre sound track in Yash Raj Films' Ta Ra Rum Pum. They got out of their comfort zone and tried to do something different. It didn't work. One started wondering as to where this tremendously gifted jodi is heading for, especially, after having delivered fantastic music scores in films like Jhankaar Beats and Bluffmaster in the past. With the music of CASH, they are back with the team of Dus, in which they had delivered one of their biggest hits in Dus Bahane. So, do they redeem themselves with their latest offering? You guys are the first ones to find that out. Right Here Right Now.

It's heartening to find so much of cash all around, swirling in the winds of affluence, glamour and lots of fun. Cash is a Power track that sways you off your feet the moment it starts blaring with a thundering impact. It begins with a haunting melody line taking you into the classic Western arena. A quick fire electric guitar whips up beat-n-bass in frenzy. It's time to do the Twist as if this night shall never have its morning. Sunidhi Chauhan sounds sensational as she oozes seductive sensuality through the pores of her passionate voice. The male backing vocals of Vishal-Shekhar are exciting and hold fort for most part in this extremely well produced track. Cash to the left of me, Cash to the right of me, Cash to the front of me. This hip-n-happening track is surely going to be one of the biggest hits of year 2007. All you party people, load yourself with Cash. Now!

There's another version of Cash. It's not really a version as it is neither a remix nor it has been sung by other singers. The duration is slightly longer but apart from that the same song has been replicated as it is.

Sunidhi Chauhan had super duper hits Beedi Jalayle and Krazy Kiya Re to her credit last year. This year she shall blow away your mind with the rocking Mind Blowing Mahiya. The song tests the range and texture of her vocals. And she passes the trial with flying colours in this Trance Bhangra number. It starts of with a catchy trance beat that raises itself continually before settling down into a steady beat. Sunidhi takes over from there and then the best thing about the song happens which is obviously its beguiling hookline Mind Blowing Mahiya. You also get to hear tingling whistling, a dash of bhangra beats, a tangy bass line and ah-this-is-worth-a-mention western singing of Sunidhi that may be compared with all the Sheryl Crows and Celine Dions of the world music. Mindblowing Mahiya is a full-on paisa vasool party number that gets you into a happy mood in the first listening itself.

Tune na kya jadoo mujhpar kar diya, Tune to bahon mein mujhko bhar liya. Na Pucho starts off with these tacky lines sung in the weird backing vocals of Vishal Dadlani. Thankfully, Sunidhi Chauhan's voice is like a balm that caresses the rough edges of the backing vocals throughout this mix of RnB and Soul. A brass section in the middle, a steadily impressive bass line and worth-tapping-your-feet beats makes Na Pucho enjoyable fare for most parts. The backing vocals in the beginning may be lacking the appeal but there are backing vocal sections in the middle that touch a chord in the heart. It is a song that shall sound better with exotic visuals. As an aural experience it doesn't provide all-round fulfillment.

Ae chori when you shake that thing, zara nach ke dikha, ding ding ding. Naughty Naughty is a confluence of RnB and Light Music in traditional Indian music genre having an amalgamation of tabla-n-dholak combo. The sexy-n-raunchy vocals of Anushka Manchanda ooh-n-aah while the male backing vocals, coaxes her to shed inhibitions and show them the 'stuff' that makes her. It is a song relying on percussions. The rhythm pattern changes at several occasions with keyboard fillers thrown in at opportune occasions. Vocal harmonies and backing vocals contribute a lot in making the gratifying fabric of this song. Naughty Naughty is a song that shall go down well with the club DJs. It is not too fast but still has the right dosage of ammunition to make you groove on the dance floor. Relish!

Shamiyana meri ye bahon ka, aashiyan kuch begunahon ka, aasaan hai aana isme, koi na waham kare. Well, finally you come across a song that stands out for good lyrics (Panchhi Jalonvi). Shamiyana meri ye bahon ka must be said that this image is novel, fresh and evokes pristine romance. Rehem Kare starts off with a Techno beat and then veers off into Eminem-style Rappin-n-groovin. The techno beats are a regular feature throughout the course of the song. Sunidhi's vocals fluctuate between Western and Indian styles. Rehem Kare is the best song in the album for the content (lyrics) has meaning, the music arrangements are consistently brilliant, of course Sunidhi is in fantastic form, the rapping sounds cool and yes you can shake yourself hard under the disco lights. Nothing can stop Rehem Kare from being a chartbuster. A people's favourite.

Zara Bachke (Nickin it & Rockin It Mix) is a commercial pop number with a bhelpuri of rappin-n-groovin and Bhangra sections. The rhythm is not kick ass. Rather it is uncharacteristically laidback. A song that should have had more punch in it falls flat for most parts. The music arrangements are comprised of acoustic guitar fillers, brass cushions and alternating rhythm design in a failed attempt to break the monotony. Even the singing of Anushka Manchanda doesn't have much to write home about. The female backing vocals add the right amount of oomph. Zara Bachke has a limited appeal.

Vishal-Shekhar are back with a bang. They are back to doing what they are best at. Techno, Hip Hip, RnB, Pop with a desi tadka of Bhangra. The music of CASH is extremely well produced with at least three sure shot chartbusters in Cash the title track, Mind Blowing Mahiya and Rehem Kare. CASH as an album is definitely worth coveting. Go for it!

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