Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 08 March 2014

Movie Title



Om Prakash Rao

Star Cast

Chiranjeevi Sarja, Shanvi Srivatsav, Sadhu Kokila

The remake of the Telugu movie? Prema Katha Chitram?, ?Chandralekha? though does not live up to the standards of the original, is successful in keeping the audience glued to the seats until the end.

The cocktail mix of comedy and horror are right in their place but if the storyline could have been dealt in a much better way, the movie would have even better appreciation. Despite the fact that a remake movie from OmPrakash Rao seems quite surprising, the plot with twists and turns is something that has to be watched out for.

The four characters played by Chiranjeevi Sarja, Shanvi, Nagshekar and Sadhu Kokila are on a mission of committing suicide and would like to fulfill their last wishes by doing certain crazy things before they depart their life. After their wishes are fulfilled all the four visit a guest house which is said to be haunted.

On reaching the guest house and spending few moments with each other, their suicide plans get postponed and each of their stories unfold in a flashback, while a new love story is born in the present between Chiru and Shanvi. It is at this point of time that Shanvi becomes the victim of the ghosts? possession. What follows next and what happens to the suicide attempts is unfurled slowly with interesting twirls and twists.

The remarkable comedy timing by Sadhu Kokila and Nagashekhar are the highlights of the movie while Chiranjeevi Sarja convinces with his jilted lover boy image. Shanvi has made a good start in Sandalwood with Chandralekha and is pretty with her petite frame and credible acting. Om Prakash who is not used to make movies in horror genre is impressive with the remake and his creativity in mixing the comedy and horror at right time puts him in the right place. While the cinematography work is commendable, music by JB needs improvisation.

Verdict: One time entertainer

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