Chandrettan Evideya

Chandrettan Evideya



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 02 May 2015

Movie Title

Chandrettan Evideya


Sidharth Bharathan

Star Cast

Dileep, Anusree, Namita Pramod

Welcome to the virtuous world, often seen in the Rajshri Productions' movies in Bollywood! It's the world where only good souls thrive and truthful values will be the ultimate winner. 

Director Sidharth Bharathan's Chandrettan Evideya highlights the importance of familial ties. After all the loud comedies that Dileep has been doing on a routine basis during recent years, this one is refreshingly different and the film has been made well.

Warning: there can be spoilers ahead and only those who don't mind it shall read further. 

Chandramohan (Dileep) is a government employee working in the secretariat at Thiruvananthapuram. He is also a freelancer, who reviews classical dance performances. 

Chandrettan evideya... is the one line that his wife Sushama (Anusree) repeats, during her frequent phone calls to her husband. She nags him with her possessive nature is pretty uncomfortable that Chandramohan is living a bachelor life in Thiruvananthapuram, while she lives in Thrissur. 

Things get an interesting turn when they go to an astrologer during one of their family trips. The astrologer reveals that Chandramohan had a torrid affair with a woman, during his past life, several centuries back. This makes Sushama even more tense and insecure. The worries turn real when a doctor Geetanjali (Namita Pramod) becomes close to him.

The film has been packaged very well but it all depends on whose angle you are looking at those things. Though it has been made in a modern way, the tone is more of those mushy tearjerkers that you come across in plenty on various TV channels. So the erring husband is justified and the woman involved becomes a vamp!

But it is to credit of the makers that the film doesn't give enough time for you to think much in between. Based on a simple and rather mushy storyline with all the conventional 'middle class values', Santhosh Echikkanam has written an enjoyable script with nice sequences and beautifully etched characters who speak smart lines. It's a simple but not an easy tale to make and Sidharth Bharathan has given the film his signature. Shyju Khaled's visuals and Prashanth Pillai's music are top notch.

It's the return of Dileep to a sensible film after a long time and he shows his brilliance as an actor. He comes out with a matured performance and yes, the comic timing is perfectly unleashed all along. 

Anusree is playing a character perhaps in a similar mould as her popular role in Diamond Necklace but she comes up with a stellar show. She gives her heart and soul to the character, which makes it extremely likeable. 

Namita Pramod repeats her trademark mannerisms once again, but the rest of the actors, especially Soubin Shaheer, Chemban Vinod Jose, Kochupreman and the young kid who played Dileep's son, are terrific.

Chandrettan Evideya has nothing much to offer that you have not seen before but even then, it has been presented attractively. In those times when there is very little to choose in terms of good cinema, this one could give you enough to leave the theatre with a smile. Watch this one!

Verdict: Good

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