Changathi Poocha

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Monday 5 February 2007

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Remember the laugh-a-scene comedies of Priyadarsan and Mohanlal in the 80's and 90's? Now they are lifting scenes and plots from these golden oldies, trying desperately to churn out slapstick comedy hits.

Last week's release Changathi Poocha, directed by debutant S.P Mahesh with Jayasurya as the hero and Classmates fame Radhika as the heroine is a comedy caper loosely based on Priyan's debut film Poochakkoru Mookuthi!

The story is set in a village, where two wealthy landlords, Sreedharan Nair(Nedumudi Venu) the Kunathoor Panchayat President and Raman Nair(Jagathy) are feuding brothers over ancestral property and ego problems. Raman Nair's caretaker Purushotaman(Salim Kumar) thinks of a bright idea to create more tension for Sreedharan Nair, by making his daughter fall in love with an hired lover!

They hire Sivan Kutty (Jayasurya), who is Purushothaman's brother-in-law, who himself is on the run from moneylenders. Sivan comes to Kunathoor with his friends Rajappan(Harisri Asokan) and Unni .A mix-up takes place as Sivan who was to fall in love with Indu (Remya Nambisan), Sreedharan Nair's daughter accidentally falls for Sridevi (Radhika), Raman Nair's daughter ! It is confusion confounded and total bedlam as things takes a merry turn!

The film is slapstick comedy, with plenty of double entendre between Salim Kumar and Cochin Haneefa and crude gags of Harisri Asokan. The scene where Asokan runs from Jagathy's henchmen and pretends to fall into a deep river, while actually standing in knee-deep water, raises a few laughs.

The director has no script; he has just taken a few scenes from a couple of old comedies and strung them together. The music of Ouseppachan is nothing much to talk about; the only silver lining is veteran Vipin Das's camera. He has beautifully etched out the rural landscape of Kerala. On the acting front the comedy brigade does their job neatly, while lead actors Jayasurya and Radhika, are competent and have done their role well.

There is nothing new in the film, still if you loved old time Malayalam comedies Changathi Poocha might just bring half-a-smile!

Verdict: Average

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