Charles Shafique Karthiga

Charles Shafique Karthiga

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 28 March 2015

Movie Title

Charles Shafique Karthiga


S Sathiyamoorthy

Star Cast

Sharran, Mishal, Jai Quaehaeni

CSK is all about three characters, Charles Shafique Karthiga and how all their individual threats get solved at one point.

Charles (Sharan) is an aspiring cricketer who wants to play for IPL franchise, Chennai Super Kings but he leaves his dream for Karthiga (Jai Quehaeni) who lives a calculated life. There is a misunderstanding between the duo in the form of Charles’ mother and comes the temporary sulk. The third protagonist Shafiq (Mishal) on his debut attempt of smuggling gets chased by cops and hands over the smuggled diamonds to his family friend Karthiga who is on her way to Chennai.

Meantime, Shafiq’s head threatens him to bring the diamonds and Karthiga gets kidnapped by her office colleagues at a mall as she see them committing a murder.  Now Karthiga has to be rescued by Charles. And Shafiq should get his diamonds.

One thing which grabs our attention in CSK is the cinematography by Sree Saravanan G Manoharan  as the angles convey the story which is very rare for a small time movie. One could understand the fact that director Sathyamoorthi Sarvanan has tried to make an interesting movie with a simple concept but poor production value, shabby screenplay and uninspiring performance from the lead cast have spoiled the show.

The only silver lining among all the star cast is Jai Quehaeni  as she indeed got a solid role and has given a  good performance. Scenes where she gets kidnapped and rescue herself are executed well and the director deserves a pat for giving ample scope for the heroine.

CSK is yet another film where we get impressed with one or two interesting ideas and sequences but as a movie, the effect is certainly not appealing, may be a better writing and performances would have done the trick.

To conclude, CSK is a mixed bag!

Verdict: Below Average

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