Charlie Chaplin-2: Takes audiences for granted, and is a pain to sit through!

Charlie Chaplin-2 is a film for audiences who don't care much about the logic, quality or a coherent script

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Critic's Rating: 1.5/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

Charlie Chaplin-2: Takes audiences for granted, and is a pain to sit through!



Star Cast

Prabhu Deva, Nikki Galrani

It's sequel mania in Kollywood and the latest is Charlie Chaplin-2, the second installment of the comedy drama franchise of Shakthi Chidambaram. The first part of the film was super fun with charming comedy episodes and organic twists.

Sadly, Charlie Chaplin-2 is a pain to sit through, with its convoluted screenplay, an entirely pointless item number, anti-women dialogues and corny humor in the first half. Thanks to the second half of the film which evokes some good laughter here and there, this would have been another unbearable sequel in Tamil cinema.

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Thiru (Prabhu Deva) falls head over heels in love with Sara (Nikki Galrani) but he misunderstands that she is going to die in fifteen days but its actually her close friend who has a rare medical condition. Knowing Thiru's genuine love, Sara agrees to marry him. A day before marriage, Thiru's Dubai friend Raja (Vivek Prasanna) shows him a leaked video of Sara in which she is with another guy. Raja also encourages Thiru to blast Sara in a video and sent it to her by WhatsApp. But only later Thiru and his friends find out that Sara only helped a youngster who was about to commit suicide. Luckily Thiru's message is yet to reach Sara's phone as there was no internet connectivity in her place. Can Thiru come out of this embarrassing situation?

Charlie Chaplin-2 is a film for audiences who don't care much about the logic, quality or a coherent script. If you are someone who love to watch slapstick comedies and laugh along with the crowd, this is your kind of film! As said earlier, the first half tests our patience with a lot of flaws including poor lip-sync, bad editing and lame jokes. Thankfully the second half is better (in comedy department).

As usual, Prabhu Deva is eye pleasing with his dance moves but just cannot carry a film entirely on his shoulders. Nikki Galrani is cute and charming while Adah Sharma is wasted! Prabhu has been shown as a foodie and he often seen as someone gives more importance to food than anything in life!

There are many bad jokes on the institution of marriage and wives. Technically the film doesn't offer anything new. The visual quality is below bar and the editing is also terrible. Many scenes are matched in CG and it's pathetically evident. These days even web series offer better visuals and editing  but feature films like Charlie Chaplin-2 takes audiences for granted.

The more important question here is – did there really have to be a remake of Charlie Chaplin in the first place?

Charlie Chaplin-2: Verdict-Boring!

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