'Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein' review: Victim of the overloaded plot!

'Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein' review: Victim of the overloaded plot!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 06 November 2015

Movie Title

'Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein' review: Victim of the overloaded plot!


Manish Srivastav (as Manish Shrivastava)

Star Cast

Naseeruddin Shah, Disha Arora, Auroshikha Dey

The film's opening credits have barely-dressed ladies crooning, 'Did Charlie do it?' and other such lines. The idea is to bring in a 007 kind of coolth, but the effect is nowhere close.

The underworld crime drama complete with murder mystery elements, street lingo, drug mafia, cool cops etcetera was a fresh idea a decade ago. Now, having seen everything there is in this genre, what's the point if a film doesn't bring anything fresh to the defunct combo?

We see a police team led by Naseeruddin Shah, examining a so-called complicated case. A drug deal goes awry. Three young people are found murdered in a garage. And the cops find video recordings of their activities a few weeks prior to the fateful day. So we flashback to the turn of events. We see that the group of friends, all strugglers in the film industry, like to party hard and are drug-addicts. They get embroiled in a hit-and-run case, but what gets the incident more complicated is that the person they bumped off was connected to the underworld.

Now, they now have to finish off a drug deal in order to wash their hands off the hit-and-run accident. Naturally everything goes awry, and the cops try unraveling the motivation behind the murders of the three friends.

The film starts off promisingly as we see the lives of the gang, their drug-fuelled parties, silly banter, and simmering love tensions. All this is recorded by a camera-happy friend who claims to be recording this for a "private film". So the camera is on during fights, altercations, heck, even when they have that hit-and-run accident!

Then on we see the cops – Naseeruddin Shah and team - break their heads over the case. Meanwhile, Shah's character calls a woman "showpiece", and another character explains how women should be treated like animals and always kept on a leash.

Writer-director Manish Srivastav displays style, but that cannot compensate for the lack of substance. He folds in too much, too soon in the movie. The film did have the potential to be a breezy crime-caper, even if a conventional one. But it is overburdened with too many sub-plots and too many improbable developments.

You can sense the twists in the film a mile away, and it's disappointing that the film does not surprise you at any juncture. If only, it's annoying to see how the makers mistake a convoluted plot for being layered.

There are new developments for the heck of it (imagine someone putting up a hit-and-run accident on YouTube and boasting about its popularity, despite being involved in the accident themselves), and too many for you to track or care about.

The talented cast does well. But the astute performances cannot save the film that's too clever by half.

Rating: 1.5 stars

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