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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 24 August 2003

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Star Cast

Venkat, Abhirami, Prakash Raj

By Moviebuzz

Charminar is one of the worst films of the year! It is a remake of the Kannada film Majestic but at the end of it, no one can figure out head or tail about this brainless film.

For the record the story goes like this - A police officer Surendra Babu (Prakash Raj) brings up Nandu (Venkat), an orphan. Babu is not an ideal cop as he makes Nandu do a lot of illegal activities, which makes him a local dada in the Charminar area. Soon he falls in love with a student Keerthi (Abhirami) and slowly she tries to reform him. This sparks rivalry between the dada and the cop, which leads to the climax.

Enough suffered and endured, you can snore through this travesty. Venkat can?t act for nuts, and is a major let down. Prakash Raj, it seems was not paid his full remuneration and hence he decided not to dub. Abhirami (the heroine of Kamal?s Sandiyar) is good as Keerthi. On the whole it is a shoddily made film, and watching it is a waste of time.

Verdict: Stay Away

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