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Last Updated: Fri, Dec 17th, 2004, 10:00:12hrs
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Among the new breed of star sons, Silambarasan, son of T.Rajendar has proved his mettle and made inroads into the mass hero category with the latest Manmathan turning out to be a huge hit.

Here is the complete transcript of the chat with Silambarasan.

surendranath_c asks Hi Simbu how are you? Its really nice to see you on Sify Chat!

Silambarasan says I am here to chat with you.

simbu_fan asks hi simbu!! manmadhan was awesome!! really loved it!! when is ur next film releasing? how much of the film has been completed already?
Silambarasan says My next film is releasing on March. Thotti jaya movie is almost 40% over.

simbu_fan asks do u chat onlie frequently? like on yahoo messenger, icq or something??
Silambarasan says no not really

ananadhibaskar asks hi simbu how r u how is life
Silambarasan says I am fine.

Priya_chn asks do u ve a girl freind ???!!!!
Silambarasan says No not yet!

samvenkat asks hi simbu, u r really great nowadays. its very nice to see that u have started directing film. very soon u will become a allrounder like ur father. wishes to u.
Silambarasan says Thanks for your wishes.

vksamy1957 asks hai simbu your manmadhan was gr8 njoyed the flim very much and ur look for the next flim is also gr8 so can u tell me about the next flim and future flims to come ? how did u manage yana,jo,madira n so many girls in the same movie?

Silambarasan says My next film is Thotti Jaya. Not me they only managed to act with me :)

surendranath_c asks The Dialoque / Screenplay in the movie MANMADAN was good. I think you have to do similar type of movies. You got appreciations from all our friends. Wish you best of luck!
Silambarasan says I will try to do so.

msiva2004 asks What is you Next Film ?
Silambarasan says My next film is Thotti Jaya

nana_sify asks hi Simbu... This is Thiru from Singapore... Manmadhan was just amazing...
Silambarasan says Thank a lot!

bhagu_de asks hi simbu.. i am a great fan of u.. how r u? i saw manmadan.. it s great.. great movie ya
Silambarasan says Thanks a lot!

Silambarasan says Varusham 16, Black

bhagu_de asks hi u know my friends became great fan of u after seeing that movie.. its really great
Silambarasan says Thanks, pls view my next movies too!

krivenki asks can u plz briefly tell abt thotti jaya all abt?
Silambarasan says Its about a child who grows in the mean streets to become a hench man for a Don. ITs a action film with lots of romance!

bhagu_de asks hey then wats ur plan .... its so great to talk with u
Silambarasan says My plan is to do good movies.

blueksy asks hai manmadhan,whts ur hobby
Silambarasan says Watching movies, music, etc.

elangovanks asks you mimic rajini, do you feel that you can impress like that which rajini was able to make only after a certain period of his career.
Silambarasan says To come up in life it always takes time. Rajini is always my inspiration.

saigan asks u r my 3 rd favourite actor after superstar and vijay as u r the fan of superstar why did u say thalaiva vazga for ajith in manmathan.
Silambarasan says The scene required me to deliver that dialogue.

nana_sify asks I've watched Manmadhan few times... in singapore manmadhan screens daily 4 shows for the past 35 days...(only diwali release movie screens 4shows..)
Silambarasan says Pls continue to watch! Thanks a lot for your remarks

saigan asks u remember rohith who acted with u in kathal azivathillai..he is my cousin brother.
Silambarasan says Rohit is a very good friend of mine. And I am very happy to hear from you.

krivenki asks How do u take the gossips?
Silambarasan says I dont care about who says what ;) but loves to read about the same.

krivenki asks How do u take the gossips?
Silambarasan says I dont care about who says what ;) but loves to read about the same.

asamchristopher asks hai simbhu, who is ur dream girl?
Silambarasan says I dont have a dream girl.

james_21 asks hi simbu. ur performance in manmadhan was great .it was one movie i really enjoyed watchin after a long time. keep doin such good films.
Silambarasan says Sure. It is people like you who make my day, thanks for the support.

vksamy1957 asks and ur dressing sense is gr8 you look ravishin in manmadan do take extra care for it
Silambarasan says Thanks for the feed back. My dress was designeed by Rocky who designs for Hrithik Roshan.

saigan asks i am planning to wrie a script for u in future..wht do u say..will u accept it if the story is good
Silambarasan says Why not. If the story is really interesting I will definitely accept it.

kavisai asks Hi Simbu Very nice to talk with u How r u ? Please tell me abt the experience u had in the film Manmadhan
Silambarasan says I am fine. It was a great experience. I put my heart and soul into it.

nvivek asks Hi simbu congrats for your manmathan successs,by the way were do you see yourself in the field 5 years from now?
Silambarasan says I will do my part and let us see where I stand.

kmv1 asks hai Simbu..i watched ur movie 'Manmaathan'.It was excellent, with a good storyline and Chick presentation. hope to look more of this kind from u
Silambarasan says Thank you.

contactaswin asks Hi I am a kancheepuram district cricket player and i have seen you at Coimbatore representing the Tiruvallur dist. Where does your cricket stand these days?
Silambarasan says Cricket has taken a back seat. Now it is only movies and more movies.

asamchristopher asks will u put your name as a director, coz u said if manmaudhan was hit, i will do it...
Silambarasan says NOt for the next movie. But maybe in the near future.

james_21 asks when people criticised u for ur previous roles how did u take it? in manmadhan u kept an 'appu' for all those who criticised u....
Silambarasan says I was a bit hurt in the beginning. But that was how Manmadhan materialised. It was an asnwer to all my detractors. If they continue another Manmadhan may evolve :)

rgnh asks Hi Simbu, I am watching you since En Thankai Kalyani and you have improved a lot. Does your father's popularity affects your individuality
Silambarasan says Not at all. He has inspierd me a lot.

nvivek asks how u want to recognised by people a STAR or ACTOR?
Silambarasan says As both.

bhagu_de asks everythng s great about u. i simply like u.. take care... i pay to god that this coming new year should favour only only success..
Silambarasan says Thank you, Thank you , Thank you , Thank you , Thank you

nvivek asks do you have plans to act in movies other than Tamil?
Silambarasan says Yeah. Maybe in Telugu.

kavisai asks Hi Simbu its me again. All the people in my house became a great fan of urs after seeing the picture Manmadhan including me. Wats ur favorite color simbu and which is favorite dress.
Silambarasan says Fav colour is black and dress is jeans and t-shirt.

nvivek asks If given a chance to date current heroines in tamil film industry whom you will choose?
Silambarasan says I wouldnt date any Tamil heroines but would love to be with Drew Barrymore.

saigan asks wht is ur next film after thotti jaya
Silambarasan says I am doing a movie with S.J Suryah. He is directing the movie. Rahman is giving the music, Jeeva is the cameraman. I am also writing a script and the movie name maybe `Mala`.

yarajya asks Hi Simbu !!! This is RAJ n Barani from coimbatore.
Silambarasan says Hello, This is Simbu from Chennai.

baluradhika asks Hi Chanakya, when r u going to direct your own movie including music?
Silambarasan says Maybe next year. But the music will be by Rahman.

yarajya asks And yes ur Actin in MANMATHAN Was FANTABULOUS ....... Gr8 Maachi ....
Silambarasan says Thank you Machi

surya123k asks ur performance seem to b gud these days.all d best .but cant u act without doing those flying stunts & 1 liners ?
Silambarasan says I was trying to satisfy you and the flying stunts were a part of the charecters imagination and not the reality.

danny_iaf2000 asks how do u feel after this mass hit
Silambarasan says On top of the world with my feet firm on the ground.

sureshmechnit asks I really hated you in all your previous movies but Manmadhan is really stunning. you have joined the list of acting actors. Wish you all success.
Silambarasan says All my previous films were directed and guided by other people. `Manmadhan` is my baby. Hope you liked it.

subash2k asks Hi simbu who is ur inspiration.....
Silambarasan says My father.

sureshmechnit asks I heard that you are going to do a movie with SJ.Surya. Is it true?
Silambarasan says yes very much, after `Thotti Jaya`

nana_sify asks the way you narrate the story.. the screenplay just unimaginable... it is very new to tamil films. you just rocks!!! Manamadhan rocks in singapore!!!
Silambarasan says Thanks. Keep watching my films.

danny_iaf2000 asks what do u think abt Ajith, in manmadhan u have given a hype for ajith???
Silambarasan says Generally I like Ajith, he is a good friend of mine. I am his well wisher and we vibe well.

krivenki asks when r u planning to direct a movie?
Silambarasan says Next year. It has been good chatting with you, thanks and give me your feed back.

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